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Early in 2008 we were looking at the possibility of re-publishing Steps to Christ and National Sunday Law in the Fijian language. We had secured old, worn books to re-typeset. Any remaining original copies of these books, when they can be found, are treated as gold.

While researching this project we discovered a proactive worker in Fiji who was working toward reproducing these and an abridged version of The Great Controversy in the Fijian language. We then decided to work together with this worker in raising the funds and preparing these books to be printed.

We also had a request to reprint the Tongan National Sunday Law booklet which we produced 12,000 copies of in 2004. And also Steps to Christ in the Tongan Language. Apparently only a few have ever been printed since its translation. We have now completed and shipped both of the Tongan books


3dbook.pngFijian Great Controversy - Complete!

The Great Controversy was first published in the Fijian language in 1903 when 2000 copies were printed. A revision was done in 1948. We managed to secure scans of an original printing of this book that was in poor condition. With the help of volunteers, this was retyped. All the typed portions were compiled and checked. It then underwent language improvements and correction by a Fijian teacher before being laid out into book form. After having it's final proofs, we released this book on the internet in electronic form at and also printed 10,000 cards to distribute and promote this book. Initial response was so positive that we organised print run of 200 physical copies.

Cost $2304.68  |    Complete! Thank you


3dbook.pngFijian National Sunday Law - Complete!

We managed to source a copy of this booklet from a Fijian who was reluctant to let it go but only did once they were assured that it was for the purpose of producing more copies. This booklet was retyped and laid out into book form and had it's final proofing. We printed 10,000 copies in 2017. We also released it electronically and printed flyers to promote the website:

Cost $11,645.76   |   Complete! Thank you


3dbook.pngFijian Steps to Christ - Complete!

We had 15,000 copies of the Fijian language Steps to Christ book printed in Fiji. It has been rewarding to finally complete this project and see the joy on the faces of those who have received them. We visited Fiji to collect the books from a local printer and do some bulk distribution of boxes to various areas. We also released this book on the internet in electronic form and printed 20,000 flyers to promote the website at

Cost $14,915.53   |   Complete! Thank you


Tongan National Sunday Law - Delivered to Tonga

In 2004 we printed 12,400 copies of this booklet and it has been widedy used in Tonga and produced great results. There have been requests for further copies so in 2009 we initated a second printing.

Another 10,000 have been printed and shipped to Tonga. This is a blessing to have this project completed to provide the books to the people of Tonga in their language. Now we just need to complete the funds to cover it.

A few extras of these books were retained in New Zealand to make available to Tongans here and abroad, you can buy a copy to help raise funds.

All funds raised for printing and shipping 10,000 copies.

Cost $9850.74 including shipping  |   Complete! Thank you


Tongan Steps to ChristTongan Steps to Christ - Delivered to Tonga

10,000 copies of Steps to Christ in the Tongan language have been printed. This book was typed and the translation into the Tongan language and checked. It was then laid out into booklet form and is underwent proof before the copies were printed. It has now been shipped to Tonga and being distributed through out the island nation. Thank you for your contributions so far toward this project.

A few extras of these books were retained in New Zealand to make available to Tongans here and abroad, you can buy a copy to help raise funds.

All funds raised for printing and shipping 10,000 copies.

Cost $13,650.37 including shipping  |   Complete! Thank you


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June 2008 - Within hours of us taking on this project we were joined by two contacts in Australia who are prepared to contribute $1,000AUD and $2,000AUD respectively to also assist with this project. With these funds they have offered to finance 1,000 copies of the Great controversy and use the rest of the funds on the other Fijian booklets.

June 2008 - We received a call from a person who has also decided to join in this project. They contributed just over $18,500NZD to fund The Fijian NSL and STC. Praise God for His providence.

July 2008 - We have $1088.56 raised towards the initial minimum $2600NZD for the Fijian Great Controversy to make it viable.

July 2008 - Praise God! We have just received a generous donation of $2600AUD toward the initial fund which now exceeds the minimum of $2600NZD.

September 2008 - We have looked over the masters and have decided to retype set the Fijian Great Controversy to get the best reproduction possible. We currently have volunteers retyping from scans of original copies.

December 2008 - To date, thirteen chapters of the Fijian Great Controversy have been typed and will be proofread. We admire the efforts of a Kiwi lady who has been working from a poor quality copy and diligently types an hour every day—without knowing one word of Fijian.

February 2009 - Between typists in New Zealand and Fiji we now have the entire Great Controversy retyped in Fijian. We are gathering this together ready for proofing and layout.

May 2009 - We have sent proof copies of both the Fijian Great Controversy and National Sunday Law to Fiji for initial proofing before being put into its final layout.

June 2009 - We are waiting for proofed books to return from the islands and have negotiated a price to print 10,000 Tongan National Sunday Law books. We have $2555.04 toward this so are aiming to raise another $6692.46 to cover the printing cost.

July 2009 - Tongan National Sunday Laws printed and waiting to for the Tongan Steps to Christ to be completed so they can be shipped together.

February 2010 - The Tongan Steps to Christ has now been translated and checked and is ready for laying out into booklet form.

April 2010 - A special thanks to a Fijian teacher who dedicated her time to proofing and correcting the Fijian Great Controversy. It is now ready for processing into book form.

July 2010 - We now have the Tongan Steps to Christ laid out in book form and is undergoing proofing. The Fijian National Sunday law has been presented for proofing while the Fijian Great Controversy has been put into book form and will be proofed before finalising for printing.

September 2010 - Corrections to the Tongan Steps to Christ were received and made to the document, and a cover is being designed.

December 2010 - The final sample including the cover of the Tongan Steps to Christ has been sent to Tonga for final checking

March 2011 - We have received the final corrections of the Tongan Steps to Christ and collected quotes to have the printing done.

April 2011 - The Tongan Steps to Christ is currently being printed at a price of $11984.00 for 10,000 copies. In light of this cost we have revised the estimates to print the Fijian booklets.

April 2011 - We have received contact from other sources in Fiji wanting to join with us in printing the Fijian Great Controversy, this combined effort will expand the number able to be printed.

May 2011 - We are thankful for another substantial donation toward the printing of these books, this increases the fund toward the Fijian Great Controversy and Steps to Christ by $5000 each. The figures above have been updated.

May 2011 - Tongan Steps to Christ and National Sunday Law books have been shipped to Tonga, ETA is early June. We were blessed to be able to coincide with another shipment being sent and were able to combine this freight. We are excited to have these books produced and on the way to their destination. There is still some funding required to cover all the expenses of these projects.

July 2011 - The two Tongan Books have now arrived in Tonga! Its great to get the feedback from Tonga that they are already being distributed throughout the country there. We are thankful to all who have contributed to these projects. There is still about $14200 to raise to cover the total costs of these two books.

August 2011 - Further funds raised towards the Tongan National Sunday Law books reducing the amount still needed to raise to $8500. Thank You!

August 2011 - We are working on completing the Fijian National Sunday Law at present but are still awaiting one chapter to be typed. We are also pricing up options for printing the Great Controversy.

September 2011 - Thanks to two donors we have another $12,300 towards the Tongan projects!

February 2012 - We have had disappointing delays with the proofing of the Fijian GC and are still awaiting one chapter to be typed of the National Sunday Law so we are looking at alternative ways to progress.

February 2012 - Its exciting when a donor begins a fortnightly $20 donation towards the Fijian projects! Thank you!

March 2012 - We now have the final costs of shipping the Tongan books to Tonga so have updated the figures giving us the final figures of $9850.74 for printing and sending the 10,000 National Sunday Law Books and $13650.37 for printing and sending the 10,000 Steps to Christ. So to date, this leaves just $100.37 to raise for the STCs and $2700.74 for the NSLs. Thank You!

May 2012 - We have heard that the corrections for the Fijian Great Controversy have been done and are just awaiting the hard copy to arrive so these changes also can be made. We still have a small trickle of funds coming toward these projects but no large contributions. There is about $4,000 needed to complete these projects. Any additional funds will boost the amount that can be achieved.

May 2012 - Good news! We have now received the hard copy and corrections needed for the Fijian Great Controversy!

March-April 2013 - We have been delayed but now all the corrections have been made. There were so many we have decided to have another read over to ensure accuracy. A copy has been sent to Fijian contacts in New Zealand.

Mid-late 2013 - We have been unsuccessful with the final proofing of the Fijian Great Controversy as the proof copies were returned to us unchecked. We need to find another source for this project. We are also still awaiting the text for the Fijian NSL and STC.

January 2014 - Praise God! The final $2801.11 for the two Tongan books has been donated. This totally completes the Tongan portion of this project. We also still have a regular contribution towards the Fijian projects.

May 2014 - We have contacted Fiji again to get original National Sunday Law and Steps to Christ books so we can get the last works completed.

November 2014 - We have been unsuccessful getting the originals to work from as they have not arrived. But we have managed to confirm that the National Sunday Law book we have in the Fijian Language has all the chapter in it and it is being spell checked. We are awaiting these corrections.

January 2015 - We have received the spelling corrections for the NSL from Fiji.

March 2015 - The corrections have been made in the Fijian NSL but upon checking the book with the English version we notice some things that don't appear right with the appendix linking, referencing and punctuation. In an effort to make sure the book is right when it is printed we are sending it to a Fijian teacher to check these details over. The good news is that we have now almost reached the goal financially on this with just $204.25 left to meet the goal to-date. We look forward to completing this and getting the books into Fiji for the local people.

August 2015 - We have reached all the funds needed for the estimated cost to print 10,000 Steps to Christ in the Fijian Language. This final amount was raised through the dedication of one couple and a small but regular donation. Until we have actual costs we believe we have enough funds for the two smaller Fijian books. Any extra funds will go toward increasing the amount of Great Controversy books that can be printed.

September 2015 - With a lack of response to our requests to get corrections done, we have opted to fly a competent Fijian to New Zealand to work with us in our office to get the final work done on the National Sunday Law and Great Controversy books. He has also brought with him a Fijian Steps to Christ and we are communicating with the Fiji Mission who have printed them. They currently only have 200 copies and we are hoping to work with them to have another 10,000 printed.

October 2015 - We have received quotes from the Fiji ABC for the Steps to Christ and were keen to progress with it but have received advice that Admin have stopped progress, we are currently trying to determine what the problem is to be able to work through it and be able to get these valuable books into the hands of the Fijian people.

February 2016 - It is very frustrating, but despite many phone calls and emails unfortunately we have still not been able to learn what the issues are that is holding up a purchase of the Fijian Steps to Christ. It may be political and so we are looking to pursue this further and also looking at other avenues.

April 2017 - We have converted the Fijian Great Controversy book into an online book. This will be ideal to reach many people electronically.

July 2017 - 10,000 Fijian National Sunday Law books and 10,000 flyers promoting the Fijian Great Controversy website were printed in Fiji and we traveled there to help with initial distribution.

October 2017 - Due to the keen interest in the Fijian Great Controversy website we have put the National Sunday Law book online also. We have printed 20,000 small flyers to promote this website.

October 2017 - We have received the newly translated Fijian Steps to Christ book. We have entitled this Discovering Jesus and created new chapter headings. This will now be formatted for printing.

November 2017 - Due to interest in the Fijian Great Controversy book we have had a small run of 200 copies printed. Most of these were shipped to Fiji along with other material. Copies are also available to purchase in New Zealand.

March 2018 - We have the Fijian Steps to Christ ready for final proofing. After this is completed we will arrange for printing in Fiji.

September 2018 - 15,000 copies of the Fijian Steps to Christ were printed and released in Fiji. At the same time 20,000 flyers promoting the website for this book were also printed. This completes the original commitment to these projects although there is ongoing demand for more printings.




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