Autumn Leaves (NZ) Limited is a charitable resource and service organization based in Canterbury, New Zealand with the purpose of scattering God’s message of truth like the leaves of autumn.

In the Office

Back in the office:
When the lock-down restraints of level 4 eased to level 3, we were able to return to our work place and start processing the many orders that had accumulated over the four weeks of level 4. While not open to the public, we were still functioning behind the scenes with many orders going out, including bulk outreach books, such as Great Controversy and Steps to Christ. Even though we are some weeks on from our initial restart in the office, it has been surprising how many books, even case lots, are still going out. One inquiry we have had is for a container load of Great Controversy books for Australia.

We have also noted that more books have been going out on the subjects of last day events and country living. It is so encouraging to see people come alive spiritually when they see the signs fast fulfilling.

We have gone through level 2, and now to level 1, we have to say, there has been no shortage of enthusiasm and interest in people taking books and other material for reaching out to friends and neighbours.

Shipping of materials:
The Covid-19 situation has also affected us being able to get supplies in and for sending out also. We had ordered a couple of pallets of books and other items from the USA before the lock-down, but with the pandemic-pause the pallets haven’t yet left the USA. We like to keep a reasonable supply of books on hand, because one day we may not be able to get any more supplies in. We don’t know that time frame, but it may be sooner than we think.

Parcels being sent out have also experienced delays. This is especially the case for overseas destinations with some parcels unable to be sent through usual lines.

In the meantime we have also found another option to send internationally which will be a cheaper, faster and tracked service for larger international orders being delivered to a physical address (sorry not for PO Box or Private Bag deliveries). This will mean for some Australian orders the postage from New Zealand may even be cheaper than between states within Australia!

We have also been working to provide a better service for some orders within New Zealand with better savings for rural addresses and orders of 4-5 boxes or more. A recent example saved $30 freight for a multi-box shipment!

A ministry example:
A person recently contacted us to share his outreach project he calls “Books on Wheels”. This small cart offering free books is very light and portable and can be used in various locations. It has been used successfully in Auckland and Hamilton and in conjunction with other outreaches such as blood pressure checks, and prophecy banners. They also have QR code which people can scan to lead them into Bible Studies. If this project interests you, we can put you in touch with the initiator and you can learn more.


Fiji Mission:
As some of you will remember, over recent years we joined with a ministry in Fiji to print National Sunday Law and Steps to Christ books in the Fijian language. We have just received a report from Fiji that they have used all the books and are arranging another print run themselves.
The small health booklet we produce, Make a New Start, has also been translated into Fijian and will be printed and distributed there.

They also mentioned that a family had been studying for truth, then read one of the Steps to Christ from the first printing and were convicted on the message. They are now having Bible studies. Praise God His word does not return void!


"The truth must be scattered from city to city, from street to street, from family to family... The truth must be carried from province to province, from kingdom to kingdom. The highways and byways must be thoroughly gleaned, and the message must spread from continent to continent until the whole earth is belted with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ."

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