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 Video CameraNew Video Equipment

Media is in huge demand around the world and using it to spread the gospel is powerful. This is an area that we are expanding into but unfortunately there is significant cost to secure good equipment. We have already been able to purchase some good equipment and have been producing media with great results. We want to continue to be able to do this and improve the quality and quantity.

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New Building Project

mWk7rZE.jpgWe are looking to establish a new building that will house the whole ministry plus expand our borders. Will you partner with us in this project to further God's cause in New Zealand and abroad? Please contact us to learn more or to discuss ways that you can be involved. We are looking for those that have the resources to invest in this project in a substantial way and especially the many who can make even the smallest contributions which amount to much in God's eyes.

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Print EquipmentNew Print Equipment

This newsletter is one of the first large print runs on our new printing equipment which arrived early November. This is a huge step for us for quality and ease of use compared to the technology we have been using for the last twelve years.
We express our heart-felt thanks to all who have generously contributed to this project. The entire cost has now been covered. The printed page has always been an important part of this ministry and this equipment allows us to continue to scatter God’s message of truth like the leaves of autumn.

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Island Language Projects

We also serve the Pacific Islands and seek produce content in the local languages. We have been working on producing Steps to Christ, National Sunday Law and Great Controversy.

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Word to New Zealand

We encounter people, including young people who are wanting to distribute books. These willing workers are saving their personal funds and buying what they can afford, but can’t buy at the rate that they can give them to readers. There are also many people who could buy the books but are not willing or able to distribute them. We have started a fund to remove these obstacles.

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Past Projects

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