Past Projects

New Printing Equipment


For some time, we had problems with our printing equipment. We had been trying to put off upgrading due to the building project. The digital duplicators we were using replaced our offset printing press in 2006 and were surely a boost to our printing operation. But twelve years on, this 'new' equipment pumped out over 3 million pieces of printed paper and came to the point where it was overdue for replacement.

To overhaul these machines would incur considerable expense and the company did not guarantee they would last another three years. Also the technology was superseded and lacking support to the extent that we may only have a limited time before supplies are no longer available.

A good printing facility is essential for our ministry, as many pages go through them to spread the message out to the world like autumn leaves. After some research we found some suitable machines. We praise God that people responded to our dilemma and enough funds were given to entirely cover two replacement machines of different technology for different types of print jobs.


Thank you, this will keep the printed page continuing to go out like the leaves of autumn. Thank you again for all the help and support that has been given over the years in ministry. Heaven marks the willing hearts who give in each way that we all can.

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Word to Australia

We brought a large shipment of mainly outreach books into Australia during 2014. We set up a fund to cover the costs so that those who may not have been able to distribute books could give financially, while others who may not have funds were able to get books at a discounted rate to be able to share.

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Great Controversy Books

A Book for These Times!

"The Great Controversy should be very widely circulated. It contains the story of the past, the present, and the future. In its outline of the closing scenes of this earth’s history, it bears a powerful testimony in behalf of the truth. I am more anxious to see a wide circulation for this book than for any others I have written; for in The Great Controversy, the last message of warning to the world is given more distinctly than in any of my other books" (Colporteur Ministry, 127).

Around the globe, there has been a recent resurgence of projects and individuals sharing this book. Publishers around the world have committed to printing millions of copies and these publishers, churches, ministries, and individuals have committed to fully embrace the solemn counsel above.

That is why we at Autumn Leaves have imported thousands of copies of this timely book to be shared in New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific. Not only are we importing them but we have been distributing through flyers, newspaper advertisements and our website.

Now, we are calling upon you to join in by starting your own GC project to share them in any way you can! We have the resources, you have the commission!

Soon doors that are now opened for God's work will be forever shut. It is just a matter of time before we’re unable to do this work.

We are convinced that sharing these books with friends and neighbours, in hospitals, churches, and libraries will give people the information they need—that the controversy between good and evil is about to come to an end, and that they have so much to hope for if they will only believe in and follow Jesus.

We need your prayers and support today to make it possible to take The Great Controversy to the world. We need you!


1) Every individual (that's you) and church should have at least one box of these books on hand so you can share a copy when the opportunity arises. Have a box at home, a few copies in your car, and at least one copy in your bag where ever you go.

2) By faith, you can letterbox or send bulk mailings of the book to your community!

3) You can organise a team in your community to distribute thousands of the books door-to-door. This is really effective!

4) Advertise the Great Controversy book for free in the newspaper or bulk mail flyers and send out books to those that respond. We can help you prepare these.

5) Buy boxes of The Great Controversy books, supply your friends and encourage them to share them also!

With prices as low as $2 each*, you can afford to be giving these away! You can't afford not to!

Donate buttonEven if for some reason, you decide not to buy any books right now, you can contribute to this project by funding books that others are getting out!

You can help cover the huge costs of importing these books by donating toward the project. This will help purchase more copies and cover copies that are given away through flyers, newspaper adverts and the

*Talk to us if you would like 10 or more boxes and we should be able to get a better price.

Video Camera

We would like to do more video production and recording of camp meetings and have had one Panasonic AG-HMC152E camera for a while now. We have also just had the opportunity to purchase a second matching camera to work together. The camera was purchased from Victoria in Australia and we are grateful for the willing help of contacts there to collect the camera and take it to the Youth and Family Bible Convention in NSW. Video CameraThis saved us a lot in shipping costs. The purchase of this second hand camera complete with some useful accessories is $2834.00NZD. We are thankful for some contributions toward this fund already. We also purchased 2 UV filters which enhance the colours and help protect the lense. Some one has generously covered the cost of these.

Cost of camera:$2,834.00
Donated so far: $2,834

Donate buttonStill owing: $0 - Thank you

Cost of UV filters: $46.11
Donated so far: $46.11
Still owing: $0 - Thank you!

We have an ongoing fund for video equipment as we are needing to add additional gear. For example now that we have two matching cameras we have purchased equipment that will allow us to live-mix the footage from both cameras. This will save hours of post-editing time. We have had a very generous donor give $10,005.00 toward mixing equipment. Then there will be cabling and recording gear to also purchase.

Great Controversy Advertisement

gcadvertThis project was initiated to place half page advertisements in The Press newspaper which has the potential to reach over 700,000 people. The advertisement based on a flyer successfully used in the UK and New Zealand offers a copy of the Great Controversy as well as Bible Studies and DVD's. The Great Controversy is undoubtably a book for these times and we must give every opportunity within our sphere of influence and talent to share it with our fellow national citizens. The total cost to place this advertisement three times was $8,621.55.

All three advertisements were placed during early 2012. We started receiving responses through our new website immediately. We sent out over 116 Great Controversy Books. 30 sets of Bible Studies, 43 sets of Bible & Health DVDs and 29 sets of children's DVDs. Responses continue even months after the first ads were placed.

Donate buttonVisit to see our GC website

Total cost: $8,621.55
Donated so far: $8,621.55
Still owing:
$0 - Thank you!

Any extra funds given to this project will go toward covering expenses for the books, other material and postage to those who have responded.

Storage Space

ContainerAs the years have gone by in ministry, we have accumulated many archive resources including audio and video tapes, CD's, DVD's, and published articles. We count it essential to retain these materials as resources. We also have equipment for display at public outreach events, camp meetings, and other items.

Most of these resources and equipment have been stored in work areas, but every nook and cranny has become fairly well packed with shelves and boxes. Some of the other equipment has been stored in an old ex-rail wagon, but it has now reached the point where it is past its use-by date and become unsuitable for such storage with the roof now leaking.

We have just recently purchased a 40ft container for a good price to care for our growing needs for storage and are thankful for a donor who has covered the entire cost of the container itself. This will not only protect our already stored items including camp equipment, cooking class backdrops, recording equipment, and extra van seats when not in use etc, but will also free up work space in our offices.

Click to view an album of photos of this project on facebook.

RackingBut if you look inside we have a problem! Its a big empty space and we don't just want to put everything in there in a random jumble. We need to rack it out with shelving so we can stack things up and still be able to get the items near the bottom! We've been on the hunt for good strong warehouse shelving to do that job and its hard to beat Hamilton Perry interlocking adjustable racking for strength and adjustability. (That's the shelves you see in wholesale places and Pac'n'Save etc)

The problem is that this is fairly pricey and finding good used shelving the right size isn't easy. But the good news is we found a fellow who could supply exactly what we needed, and on top of that he offered to take $360 off the price and deliver it free of charge all for just $2000! There were some delays but we now have it installed.

After fitting the racking we need boards to make the shelves. We contacted a racking company and found out they were $85 each and we need 24! We told them what it was for and if they could work a better price for us. They got back to us with a quote of $72 each - that saves over $300! There are also some brackets to attach them and a small delivery fee making a total of $1960.00

Now we want to give you the opportunity to help things stack up financially to cover the costs.

You can donate to this project by depositing to one of our bank accounts with the reference as 'container racks'

ANZ bank New Zealand: 01 0877 0014329 00
ANZ bank Australia: 014 507 4865 93335

Donate buttonor by sending a cheque or credit card authorisation details through the mail or phone. Or to make it really easy you can click the button to donate via credit card online right now!

Keep an eye on this projects page and our facebook feed as we keep you updated on the funds raised as you contribute! If there happens to be any excess funds they will go toward boards to put on the racking to make it more usable.

Cost of container including delivery: $5000.00
Donated so far: $5000.00

Still owing: $0 - Thank you!

Cost of cement pads: $285.82
Donated so far: $285.82

Still owing: $0 - Thank you!

Cost of racking: $2,360.00
Discounted by supplier: $360 + free delivery & installation
Donated so far: $2,000.00

Still owing: $0 - Thank you!

Cost of shelves including delivery: $1,960.00
Donated so far: $1,960.00

Still owing: $0

Costs of Locks & Lighting: $613.00
Donated so far: $613.00

Still owing: $0

Thank you for your generous help to make things stack up for us as we press on with the work. This project was completed in August 2012 and the storage space is working excellent for us. There were excess funds given for this project - the extra will be put to similar projects. This will include improving access to the container.

Bulk Shipment From Remnant Publications

We have been working with Remnant Publications in Michigan to become a distributor for their products in the South Pacific region. We recently spent time there and arranged a bulk supply of products from them.

This included study Bibles, sharing books, audio books, good quality economical Spirit of Prophecy books, and economical Bibles.

Since 1984, Remnant Publications has been reaching the world with truth-filled literature. Whether it be power-packed sharing books, world-class study Bibles, or audio recordings that bring the Scriptures and Spirit Of Prophecy to life, Remnant can always be found on the cutting edge of soul-winning.

This shipment arrived in New Zealand early December 2010.

Bulk Bible/Book Shipment

We all know how the value of the printed page and the stories of people who have been touched by having a book handed to them. But we can't give books to people if we don't have them when we need them

We have just imported a shipping container load of bulk supplies of economical books from the USA. This includes thousands of Bibles, Bible studies, Steps to Christ, Great Controversies, other various outreach materials.

This means we can supply at very economical prices. Order some now to have on hand when opportunities arise. Store some in your home and car.

You can view the bulk discounted items in our online shop.

We extend a big thank you to all those who have generously contributed to the large cost of this project.

Replacement Ministry Vehicle

Due to the age and wear of the previous van that was used by Autumn Leaves we have replaced it.

We are delighted that the entire cost of the vehicle has been covered and the new van is working effectively for us

We would like to thank those of you that gave so generously towards this project to keep the ministry mobile and functioning efficiently.

Read more on this completed project.