Now that we are settled into the new building and the ministry is up and running so much more efficiently, we are projecting our vision out to other fields of need. There are three projects that have come to our attention with people we have confidence in and we are keen to help.

Kenya & Uganda - We have recently used some of our dedicated Bible fund to supply 90 Bibles for a vibrant mission in Kenya. These Bibles have been going into the hands of newly baptised people and other projects of this ministry work.

There is another ministry in neighbouring Uganda supported by an Australian friend of our’s who has relentlessly served Uganda in providing for and building schools, clinics and churches, plus ongoing outreach efforts.

We would like to do a joint project to support the work in Kenya and Uganda with a bulk printing of Steps to Christ books. Our goal to is to help with printing at least 3000 Steps to Christ (in English). We are working on getting quotes currently. The more books printed, the cheaper each book.

Fiji - This is a work we have supported over the years. We are currently keen to help with the purchase of more Bibles for prison ministry work. There have been requests for English Bibles and we have a quote from the Bible Society, each Bible costing $7.48NZD, bringing a box of 50 Bibles to a total of $374.00NZD. Another worker is reaching the villages of Fiji and are wanting to get some more Fijian Bibles. Each Bible is $17.00NZD, bringing a box of 25 to a total of $408.00NZD

Box of 50 English language Bibles = $374.00NZD 

Box of 25 Fijian language Bibles = $408.00NZD

Even though our Bible fund currently has a $300 deficit, with your help we can make these projects happen!

If you would like to help give the work in these areas a boost see the details below and let us know which projects you would like to help us fund to make a real difference to the gospel outreach efforts.