Kiwis are obviously carrying too much weight! Radio New Zealand reported on their news broadcast Friday, January 30, that New Zealand is so overweight, that if we don’t tighten our belts, we could well be the fattest nation in five years.

One can get to a point where diet, exercise or medication won’t benefit, then surgery is a necessary requirement to help shed the kilos.

Obviously this is a big problem in New Zealand and the report goes on to say that our Australian neighbours are three times more likely than Kiwis to get help in bariatric surgery.

There is some help though. Neigbourhood police and Christchurch fitness enthusiasts are giving any and everyone the chance to improve their well being at no cost. The New Zealand Institute of Sport and local police have teamed up to offer a free fitness boot-camp class every week to improve the fitness and well-being of anyone in the community who wants to get involved.

Why put such reports in Signs of the Times? Our health is out of control, as a nation; not only, but mainly through choices made. We all know it is not ideal, but expect this to happen right at the end of time as everything spirals out of control, health is no exception. So, where are we? Why not put this article in Healthbites? Well while there is a health message to go out to the public, this page is to challenge us who profess to have a health message to reach out to our community. Are we not responsible to share that with our fellow Kiwis - and further abroad?

The Call to Harvest

“Now, brethren and sisters, is it not time for us to work? Is it not time for us to arouse our God-given capabilities, to catch holy zeal that we have not had as yet? And is it not time that we should stand as Calebs, come to the front, raise our voices, and cry out against the reports that are going all around us: Are we not able to possess the land? We are able in God to do a mighty work upon the point of temperance.

“All around us are the victims of depraved appetite, and what are you going to do for them? Can you not, by your example, help them to place their feet in the path of temperance? Can you have a sense of temptations that are coming upon the young who are growing up around us, and not seek to warn and save them? Who will stand on the Lord’s side? Who will help to press back this tide of immorality, of woe and wretchedness, that is filling the world?

“Intemperance of every kind is taking the world captive, and those who are true educators at this time, those who instruct along the lines of self-denial and self-sacrifice, will have their reward. Now is our time, now is our opportunity, to do a blessed work.

“We are just as accountable for evils that we might have checked in others, by reproof, by warnings, by exercise of parental or pastoral authority, as if we were guilty of the acts ourselves.

“If our people can be made to realise how much is at stake, and will seek to redeem the time that has been lost, by now putting heart and soul and strength into the temperance cause, great good will be seen as a result.

“The temperance cause needs to be revived as it has not yet been.

“Years ago we regarded the spread of temperance principles as one of our most important duties. It should be so today.”

 ~Temperance page 256-257