In the Office

In Store: January is a busy month with us running camps in both the North and South Island. We usually close up the ministry during this time, but this year in our new more public location, we decided we needed to keep the store open while also taking many books and some staff to the camps.

Aside from summer holidays we have been working on plans for 2021 and look forward to being able to serve and supply resources through the coming year.

With our move and settling complete we have also  been able to sort through much of the equipment and resources we have had stored over the years. In this process we have a stash of Landmarks and Our Firm Foundation magazines from the 1980's till 2019. These have a wealth of articles, studies and topical information. They are bundled by year. We no longer need these and are giving them away. Contact us if you'd be keen on a bundle or so of this interesting reading matter. The only cost is the postage to get them to you!

We have also been processing many second hand books. We have an extensive listing of about 1000 items. This includes books on many topics including out of print and rare books. We also have some German and Russian books. Contact us for a current listing or browse at the listings through our online shop.


Summer Camps: With our camps completed the messages presented will continue to live on. All of the presentations are available to watch or listen to. You can order them on DVD or flashdrive or find them on our YouTube Channel ( A total of 38 messages were presented by Doug Hurley, Damon Hurley, Clayton Mbofana, George Opiyo and Reg Peterson. A selection will be edited for broadcast and further distribution.


Ministry Building: The new ministry building is proving a great blessing with many new opportunities opening up. We certainly have been able to connect with many people from the community who have walked into the store. This has created a greater need to serve them but also to minister. We are currently looking to increase our staffing in this area which will include a Bible worker aspect.
We have also been continuing to finish some aspects of the studio’s acoustic treatments and sourcing equipment.
Since the building is essentially completed, the costs have nearly stopped and we are thankful for the ongoing contributions to complete the financial part of the project.