In the Office

In Store: With our new building being complete and the shop opening to the public at the start of October we have continued to be busy refining the layout and products. The amount of walk-in visitors has increased exponentially — many of these are new contacts and we are starting to get more repeat customers and developing friendships. We added more Christian giftware and cards and these have been very popular with many selling out and hard to replace with Covid delays. We are currently ordering more stock.

Bible Giveaway: Up to the end of November we had an opening offer in our new shop of a free Bible for visiting customers. Many Bibles were put into the hands of visitors over this period. We have noticed an increase in requests of Bible’s locally and in mission fields. We have a specific fund for financing these types of Bible projects.

Bulk Books Arrive: Two more pallets of bulk sharing books have arrived from overseas recently. These included one pallet to replenish our depleted stocks of The Great Controversy which almost entirely sold out around the Covid lock down period. Lock downs also held up stock leaving the USA. We also received about half a pallet of Bible Readings for the Home for a specific outreach project as well as a selection of other sharing books in English and other languages.

Acceptance of cheques:  With cheques becoming a less common means of exchange our bank has notified us that they will not accept NZ cheques from June next year. This follows the trend of other banks as society moves toward electronic transactions.  We realise some of you still send cheques to us. Contact us if this may be a problem and we can discuss other ways to make payments and donations.


Uganda Mission: After our recent project to supply Bibles to Zambia, a request came to help with Bibles for missions in West Uganda. We have a reliable contact for this part of Africa who has done an amazing work in developing schools, clinics, and churches. The mission work has progressed to the Congo border and stations are set up requiring material to feed the people spiritually. We supplied funds to assist getting Bibles in the local language. Shortly after, a local person spoke with us and covered the costs entirely!

Studio Preparation: While our focus has been to get the ministry up and running as it was in our old premises (our old home), we have also been working on perfecting the sound engineering in the new studio, in preparation for recording. There is still some more work to do to complete this and acquire necessary equipment.



Building Dedication: On the 23rd of October we had an event to open and dedicate the new ministry resource building. This was followed by a day of Bible study, reflection and fellowship. These presentations are available on our YouTube channel or contact us for a DVD set.

New Zealand Vegan Expo: Sunday, November 8, was the Christchurch Vegan expo. This event has run for about the last 14 years and we have attended every one of them to share not only the benefits of a plant-based diet, but also to encourage and help people in their spiritual journey.

This year the event was held at one of the University of Canterbury facilities. It was well attended by the Christchurch people, and those from afar, and as usual we were able to put many books and leaflets into the hands of searching people.

Angela presented the first cooking demonstration of the day, which is always well received, then the rest of the day we talked and spent time with people at our stall.

North Island trip: Doug and Angela have just return from a visitation trip in the North Island with a focus on the Far North and included Sabbath meetings in Auckland and Woodville. With over 5000kms covered we are thankful for travelling mercies and it was a blessing to be able to visit with many people in their homes to share, learn and encourage.

New Zealand Summer Camps: Our summer camp in both Rotorua and the Bible Convention in Christchurch are planned to be run as usual. There is definitely an uncertainty in the air in regards to COVID alert levels changing. If for any reason these events cannot run as planned we will adapt to a virtual camp via web streaming if restrictions allow. Regardless both events will be able to be viewed online. Due to limited internet access the North Island camp’s meetings will be uploaded soon after the meetings rather than live streamed.

Further details on these events are on the Events page of our website. Keep in touch via the website or Facebook for any updates. We look forward to seeing you at one of these events if possible.