In the Office

Expanded Health Range:
We have recently built up the range of health products we offer including some of the Matakana products like Supergreens, Berry Shake and Barley Leaf.

We have also added more juices including Eden Orchard Cherry juice which aids sleep and Blueberry Juice for antioxidants. We also now stock Patritti juices which is a popular grape juice range from Australia.

After numerous requests, we have also added the Veggie Delights canned range including Nutmeat, Nutolene, Casserole Mince and Savoury Brown Lentils.

Covid lockdown and restrictions have taken a toll on a local businesses here in our local town of Rangiora. La Verdure Organics operated by Aneesh Anandham was one of them. Aneesh decided to close his organics shop earlier this year after being unable to get back up and running viably following lockdown.

In what seemed like a coincidence, we connected with Aneesh through facebook and suggested that we could help out by making them available through our shop. These products include canned and dried organic foods and health and beauty products. These compliment the health supplements, foods and juices that we regularly stock. They are not all listed on our website but see the enclosed listing or view them in store, or give us a call.

Second-hand items:
We continually have about 1000 used books and other items available with extra books being added regularly. In the past these have only been advertised via email and PDF files linked from our website. Just recently we have developed a system which allows all of these items to be listed on our webshop to be searched and purchased easily. This opens up the availability for you to source many out-of-print or less common books and makes up about one third of the titles we now have available online.

We have also added a foreign language section which so far has German and Russian Spirit of Prophecy, devotionals and children’s books.

We will still email out listings of recently added titles. Contact us if you would like to receive these updates to discover some valuable reading as there is usually only one copy of each title and many popular books sell quickly this way.


Bible Projects:
Thank you for the interest in the Bible projects we mentioned in the last newsletter. Since then, over $4200 has since been raised. So far we have funded 30 Bibles into Tonga which will be used during home Bible study sessions with the individuals able to keep the Bible at the end of the series of studies. “A big thank you to Doug and Angela for all their support in our Ministry here in Tonga and we pray that God will continue to bless abundantly.”

We are currently working to supply 80 English Bibles to a prison worker in Fiji. We are also working to fund Fijian language Bibles for a separate project there. Unfortunately lockdowns and limited movements between areas in Fiji has slowed down this project. Along with the 90 Bibles already provided to a mission project in Kenya, we are continuing to work on projects to print thousands of Steps to Christ books for Kenya and Uganda.

If you would also like to help give the work in these areas a boost you can donate via our webshop or contact us.

Studio Trials:
We have begun trial recording in our new media studio. We used some new and hired equipment for testing while recording two presentations by Doug on the topics of gender and sexual orientation. We hired the gear to test its suitability for our purposes before purchasing. We were able to learn a lot and we had some successful recordings which will be available on DVD and our media channels in the near future. We are also compiling a list of gear to purchase to equip the studio for ongoing use. This includes lighting, microphones and camera gear. The cost is about $15,000-$16,000.

Seams of Gold Project:
Our first main production in our studio is an 11-part video series called Seams of Gold. Prepared and presented by Doug Hurley, it follows the path through the sanctuary experience discovering seams of truth leading to the streets of gold. We have been busy building the filming sets for this and have run some recording trials, so as soon as the necessary recording equipment is obtained we will begin producing this series.

Building Project:
With the completion of the building itself and it being well utilised it may seem that this project is complete but there are still three parts to go. One is to get the studio up and running. Another is to obtain the remaining signage. And also to finish financing the project. We are currently repaying loaned funds at about $10,000 per month and raising the remaining shortfall. Thank you to those who have and continue to contribute to this valuable project to help scatter the Everlasting Gospel like the leaves of autumn.

Recent North Island Trip

Late April into early May, Doug & Angela travelled to the North Island, taking meetings over two Sabbaths in Papamoa, May 1, and Auckland May 8. In between were full days and evenings with visiting and a couple of meetings. We noticed this time, more than others, that people just wanted to talk. There was the virus and vaccination issue on many minds, along with a little more anxiety: fellowship is important, and we enjoyed our time together also.

Coming North Island Trip

We will be on the road at the end of this month, again heading to the North Island.

Woodville: Sabbath June 26
    Morning & afternoon meetings
    Woodlands Road Hall, Woodville
    Contact Graeme: 06 376 7173

Papamoa: Sabbath July 3
    Morning meeting
    Papamoa church fellowship,
    242 Dickson Street, Papamoa
    Contact John: 07 543 4148

Whitianga: Sabbath July 3
    Sabbath out and evening meeting
    Contact Janice: 027 248 2984

Auckland: Sabbath July 10
    Morning and afternoon meetings
    Waitac Church, 145 Moire Road, Massey, Auckland.
    Contact Clayton: 021 0271 2964 or Herbert: 021 215 5218

In between these commitments, we will be travelling and visiting. Be in touch with us if you would like to catch up or have us bring an order for you.