Something of Quality

Browsing through a junk shop several years ago, I came across an old violin in a walnut veneer case. The case was scratched and chipped, and its silver fittings were tarnished, but upon lifting the lid, the instrument that I beheld therein immediately excited my attention.

It was covered in dust, had broken strings, and was coming apart at the seams. Obviously the years had taken their toll; but overlooking that, I could see something of quality. The shop owner apparently could not see past its present condition, so it was going cheap. I wasted no time in purchasing the fiddle and case.

Soon after the instrument was taken to a violin maker for repair, and I began work on the case, refurbishing it to near its original condition. As I expected, once the violin was repaired, it had a pleasant and powerful tone and was a pleasure to play.

However, not being an accomplished violinist, I began to realise that the violin would be better in the hands of a master  – one who fully understood it and could bring out its best in capacity and usefulness. Eventually it was sold to such a one.

So it is with us. Many of us have come to a point in life where we find ourselves scratched and tarnished by sin; coming apart at the seams with a broken spirit; until finally we are confronted by Christianity.

The arms of a loving Lord enfold us. He overlooks our shameful condition, because He sees in us something of quality – something He can use.

Our minds are repaired as we feed upon the Word of God and our bodies are refurbished as we learn better living. Thus repaired and tuned by God's Word, we become more pleasant citizens and a power for good in the church and community.

Unfortunately some of us allow ourselves to get out of tune with the instruction of our heavenly Father and become indolent in the Christian life as a result. Only when we are given completely to Christ – the Master – who truly understands us and can bring out the best in us, can we succeed in Christian living. Then we become useful instruments in His hands – something of quality.                                   – Graham McEwan, 1986

I Vouched Safe For You

I vouched safe for you, Thou blessed one.
I vouched safe for you, The vict'ry is won.
I vouched safe for you, I AM God's only Son.
I vouched safe for you, All the darkness is gone.
I vouched safe for these, My dearest ones.
I vouched safe for these, Their battles are won.
I vouched safe for these, All the hard times are done.
I vouched safe for these, That My spilt blood has won.
You vouched safe for us, Hear our joyous song!
You vouched safe for us, And the pain is all gone!
You vouched safe for us, Your white robe we donned.
You vouched safe for us, To Thy Kingdom we'll come.
That you vouched for us, Christ the Father's dear Son.
We will praise Thy name, As the ages roll on.
All Thy will we will do, As Thy Father's You've done.
And because of Thy grace, All our journey's are done. 

—Author S.J.B