Home Coming

A Roman general was leading his army home after a campaign that had taken them miles from Italy, and had caused them to suffer great privations. It had been a hard campaign. Many of the soldiers had fallen on the battlefield. Others had been wounded. They had experienced trials and encountered circumstances almost overwhelming.

     At last they were heading home. They were ragged and footsore. The feet of some were bleeding. They were no longer the proud, orderly army that had left Rome a few months before, but a motley crowd shuffling along in poor order. At last they reached the mountains that separated them from their homes. With difficulty they labored up the steep and rugged slopes of the towering Alps.

     Suddenly a blizzard struck them as they neared the summit. This added difficulty was too much for some of the men. Freezing, hungry, and bleeding, they began to fall out by the wayside. The brave general called a halt to this remnant of a once proud army. He shouted words of encouragement to them and urged them to press on over the last steep place to reach their beloved land of sunny Italy and home.

     The men pressed on. Those who were without wounds and still strong helped those who had dropped from exhaustion. They formed a tight formation, and with a supreme effort pushed on over the top and onward to their homes.

We are presently spiritually about at the top of the last steep and rugged slope of the towering Alps of this world. Yes, a blizzard is already blasting - and will only increase it’s veracity. It is taking the wounded, the bleeding and battered war-torn souls down, but as Christ, the General of the Christian army, looks down upon His battle-weary soldiers and sees their trials and sufferings, He, too is anxious to encourage those who are discouraged. “Soldiers of Christ, press on!” He calls, “Push on over the top and onward to your heavenly home weary ones.”

Let those of us without wounds and still strong, help those who have dropped from the exhaustion of sin. Let us form into a tight formation and with a supreme effort help each other and yes, push over the top, onward to our heavenly home.

     “But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him. - I Corintians 2:9.

Heaven—rolling hills of living green, streets of gold, mansions fair, eternal day, peace and plenty, happy reunion with loved ones, and the precious privilege of being with Jesus!  Yes, we will soon be home!

—Success, Signs of the Times, March 4, 1903.