God’s Plan for Unity

   This story is most probably for older young people, but older young people can be anyone from toddler to senior years. All can learn a valuable lesson from this story.

The division of Christianity has caused the loss of many souls, and is still doing so. Divisions are between denominations and within denominations. Shame upon us.

There is however a plan which individual Christians may safely accept as a basis of union, and which will bear fruit of unity. It is not a new one; it is not of mans planning; it is already functioning and it works. It unites hearts and lives, unifies faith and doctrine and cures the ills of Christianity. it is God’s own plan for perfecting of the saints, and is so simple that no one can fail to understand it. There is nothing complicated about it, yet it is profound and contains all that is needed for salvation.

Many years ago a young man stood face to face with the question of what he should do to be saved. He was anxious to do right, and wanted to follow the Lord,  but he was  perplexed by the many voices that tried to direct him. On almost every corner was a church. Each purported to point the way to heaven, but the directions given were not the same. The young man was confused - confused as any heathen. But he decided that if there was a God, He would not leave to perish one who really wanted to find Him, and if He would only pray, God would send help and not let him down.

The answer to prayer came in the form of the statement found in John 14:6. “I am the way, the truth and the life; no man cometh to the Father but by me.” From the heart had come the prayer; “Lord help me, I do not know which way to turn. One says I am to do this; another says I am to do that. Which way Lord is the right way?” Back came the answer: “I am the way.”

“Lord, I am anxious to know the truth, and I cannot find the truth from what men say, for they do not agree. Lord, what is truth?” And the answer came promptly: “I am the truth.”

“Lord, I am anxious to find, not merely light, but life – eternal life. How may I find the life that measures with Thine? The reply was readily available in return, “Son, I am not merely the way and the truth; I am also the life. Follow Me, there is no other way. Only by Me can anyone come to the Father.”

Like a flash from heaven came the revelation that Christ is the answer to every question of theology, as He is the answer to the deep longings of the heart. The well-known text above suddenly became illuminated with light from heaven and shone with special brightness. In its light, every doubt was resolved in this young man’s heart, every question answered. If Christ is the way, there is no doubt as to the way the Christian must go. Simply follow Christ. When one voice says, “Come this way,” and another says, “No, come this way,” there need not be any confusion as to which path to take. Follow neither, but look for the way that Christ went – and follow Him.

—Taken from The Faith of Jesus, by M L Andreason; p.16