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About the Series

The What’s Cooking health and cooking programme is developed by a Canterbury-based team that has spent a number of years experimenting and researching a healthy lifestyle and found the rewards to be extremely beneficial. In this series they share their personal in-the-kitchen experience.

While focusing mainly on diet and nutrition they recognise that good health is not gained alone from eating right but through a full range of 'natural doctors'. So using the NEWSTART acronym they give an overview of these eight simple areas to focus on: Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Air, Rest and Trust in Divine Power.

These classes consist of a series of evenings where we share some of the research into benefits of a diet low in fat and sugar, and to talk of our own experience in low-fat, low-sugar cooking, and to demonstrate many of our personal recipes.

These recipes are all free of animal products, are simple and economical, and aid in preventing many common ailments and diseases.

Each class is interactive and will include a health talk mixed with demonstrations of a selection of recipes followed by a tasting time. We all get to share and develop friendships and learn tips from each other.

Topics Include:

• Economical Meat-free Protein Dishes • Sugar-free Jams, Biscuits and Cakes
• Dairy-free Cheeses & Butters • Healthful Desserts
• Milk Substitutes • Breakfasts
• Egg-free Cooking and Alternatives • Prepare Vegetables Attractively
for Health and Flavour

The series is presented by Autumn Leaves NZ Ltd, a charitable Christian company based in Rangiora, New Zealand. It was first run in 1995 and has since been conducted in various parts of New Zealand and in Australia, Pacific islands and the UK.

Autumn Leaves also back the series with a range of resources including health books, vegetarian, vegan, and allergy recipe books, a small selection of not-so-easy to obtain health products, and a regular bi-monthly healthbites newsletter by free subscription.

Register to attend

6 evenings
Our cookbook entitled What's Cooking with Natural Foods (available for $18.00) contains the recipes demonstrated and is used as a reference book. You will also receive free booklets each evening on the health topics being discussed.

Cost: $10 per evening
or pay $65 on the first evening for the entire series and the cookbook!