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The 8 Natural Doctors

Principles of NEW START

How would you like to be rich and famous and have 8 personal doctors continually working to maintain and improve your health and wellbeing? You would need a large mansion with lots of rooms, they would most likely start disagreeing with each other on the best methods of looking after you and imagine the cost to keep and feed them all!

All these doctors have no ulterior motives; they are’nt in cahoots with the pharmacies, they don’t invade your privacy, and they will even save you money!
That human body you live in is marvellously designed and very robust, so that’s a good starting point, but it will fail if it is constantly mistreated!

The majority of the health problems we suffer today are brought about by bad lifestyle choices, which turn into habits, which go on to form our characters. Our characters are—all said and done—what we really are. Generally our habits are a result of family tradition and society. And often we don’t really understand the consequences until we meet them one day in the doctor’s office. 

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Try these 8 natural doctors so you won’t have to meet your other doctor so often! They will not only prevent sickness, but in many cases, they will undo much of the damage that has already been done—that’s a NEW START!

If you will remember to work with these 8 brilliant doctors as your personal health and wellbeing coaches you can expect a NEW START for a more vibrant life.
It all becomes an increasing circle! This good lifestyle allows you to think more clearly. A clear mind helps you to make good choices. These good choices make you feel better and when your health is in shape you will want good Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Air, Rest, and it will increase your Trust in Divine Power.

Yes, try a NEW START today—and as the pattern develops, old ways will quickly drop off as the mind and body enjoy increased good health.

Employ the NEW START team and put off visiting your other doctor so often, and better still— postpone your funeral!