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Issue 16
Issue#13 Oct 08
Vegetarian Expo
Milk Alternatives
Issue 17
Issue 18
Issue 19
Issue 20
Issue#17 Jun 09
Stress & Gray Hair 
Issue#18 Aug 09
Causes of Depression 
Issue#19 Oct 09
Food Combining
Quality vs Quantity
Issue#20 Dec 09
Diet & Environment
Beef & Water use
Issue 21
Issue 22
Issue 23
issue 24
Issue 25
Issue 26
Issue 27 Issue 28
Issue#27 Feb 11
Activity & Weight Loss
Weight Control
Issue#28 Apr 11
Music & Depression
Issue 29 Issue 30 Issue 31 Issue 32
Issue#29 Jun 11
Issue#30 Aug 11
Family Health
Issue#31 Oct 11
Help & Prevention
Issue#32 Dec 11
Healthy Heart
Heart Attack
Issue 33 Issue 34 Issue 35 Issue 36
Issue#33 Feb 12
Issue#34 Apr 12
Red Onion
Issue#35 Jun 12
Issue#36 Aug 12
Nuts & Pregnancy
Issue 37 Issue 38 Issue 39 Issue 40
Issue#37 Oct 12
Intelligent Gut
Fibre & Digestion
Issue#38 Dec 12
Foods and Moods
Issue#39 Feb 13
Vegetarian Heart Risk
Green Foods
Issue#40 Apr 13
Kiwi Vegetarian
Eat Potassium
Issue 41 Issue 42 Issue 43 Issue 44
Issue#41 Jun 13
Epsom Salts
Squatty Potty
Issue#42 Aug 13
Gardening Benefits
Eat Avocados
Issue#43 Oct 13
Phones & Brain Cancer
Immune Boosting

Issue#44 Dec 13
Love Life Affects Health

Issue 45 Issue 46 Issue 47 Issue 48
 Issue#45 Feb 14
Violence & Morals
Pear Truth
 Issue#46 Apr 14
Blue-Green Algae
 Issue#47 Jun 14
 Issue#48 Aug 14
Pig's Out
 Issue 49 Issue 50  Issue 51  Issue 52 
  Issue#49 Oct 14
World Out of Control
Immune Dysfunction
Immune Boost
Issue#50 Dec 14
Five Potent Antiviral Herbs
Beetroot & the Blood
 Issue#51 Feb 15
Women Affected Both Ends of Life
 Issue#52 Apr 15
Fewer Twins
Cold Prevention
 Issue 53 Issue 54  Issue 55   Issue 53
 Issue#53 Jun 15
Google Knows All
Phytates in Beans
 Issue#54 Aug 15
Feed Children Well
Chamomile Cuts Thyroid Cancer Risk
 Issue#55 Oct 15
Vegetarian Longevity
 Issue#56 Dec 15
Nine Healthiest Foods
Vegan Football Club
 Issue 57 Issue 58  Issue 59  healthbites60.jpg
  Issue#57 Feb 16
Spousal Influence
Honey Potential
Issue#58 Apr 16
Gluten Intolerance
Benefits of Beans
Issue#59 Jun 16
Preserving Male Health
Healthy Fats Won't Boost Weight

Issue#60 Aug 16
Food Transit Times
Need for Raw Foods


 Issue#61 Oct 16
Rice-Fruit Diet
Benefits of Ginger

 Issue#62 Dec 16
 Issue#63 Feb 17
Calcium for bones
 Issue#64 Apr 17
White Meat & Cholesterol
Oatmeal Benefits

 Issue#65 Jun 17
Diet and Kidney Stones

 Issue#66 Aug 17
High Blood Pressure
Migraines and Ginger Root

 Issue#67 Oct 17
Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen
  Issue#68 Dec 17
Meat is Heat: Global Warming
Issue#69 Feb 18
Issue#70 Apr 18
Issue#71 Jun 18
Lose Weight Eating More 

Issue#72 Aug 18
Pre-Diabetes and

Issue#73 Oct 18
Purines & Gout
Fennel Seeds
Issue#74 Dec 18
Fruit and Vege Receptors
Issue#75 Feb 19
Peppers and Parkinsons
 Issue#76 Apr 19
B Vitamins & Alzheimers
 Issue#77 Effects of eating on pregnancy  Issue#78 Protein intake for over 65s  Issue#79 Daniel Diet
Brazil Nuts 
 Issue#80 Alzheimer and Atherosclerosis
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 Issue#81 Should we tax unhealthy food? Issue#82 Endometriosis Helped with Diet Issue#83 Dangers of Using Aluminium Issue#84 Armpit Shaving & Breast Cancer
Healthbites October 2020.jpg Healthbites October 2020.jpg  Healthbites October 2020.jpg  Healthbites April 2021
Issue#85 Role of Meat and Dairy
Viruses in Cancer
Issue#86 Carnivore or Herbivore? Issue#87 Coconut Oil & HDL Cholesterol Issue#88 Are Lectins in food good or bad?
Healthbites June 2021      
 Issue#89 Tomato Sauce & Prostate Cancer?      

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