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Depression Series

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Depressed? Dont Worry!

It’s rather depressing to see how this is becoming a greater problem in our society!

Did you also realize that it is the underlying cause of other problems like poor business, crime, health issues and family crisis? Let’s take a positive look at understanding this blight!

This short series of 3 presentations is an informal look at this growing problem and ways that we can address it individually and as a community. See you there. 

Bring a smile!

Impressions on Depression
In this first session we will take a look at what depression really is? Not every one who thinks they are depressed really are! And some people are so depressed they don’t realise it. We will look at causes, symptoms and dangers.

Bring an open mind!

Foods for Moods
Can what we eat really affect our mental disposition or even help deal with problems like depression? In this second session we are going to see how different nutrients in our food can affect our moods for better or worse. And we are going to cook up some cheery recipes!

Bring an appetite!

Living it Up
Our approach to events can either enhance or detract from a quality life. In this third session we take an overview of how our lifestyle habits can benefit our whole being, physically, mentally and spiritually. We will take a look at a few trends in society that are going up while our moods are heading down! Let’s learn some keys to making our life much more positive!

Bring it on!