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About 15 people attended Youth Bible Camp 2015 at Birch Hill Lodge, Ohuku. This is what they had to say:

"We had some challenging talks. We also had some really fun activities."

"Camp was a memorable experience."

"The most exciting occurrence for me was that on Sabbath we had some SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Two of the most fun activities were getting a sheet with some of our beliefs and having to find proof texts for each one, and the other was playing Bible Smuggler!"

Bible Classes
10644564_10201741633262963_8010091453488911742_n.jpgReg Peterson was our evening meeting speaker and Damon Hurley took our morning Bible Classes. We all participated in worships.

Reg emphasized our theme text from 2 Corinthians 13:5. "Examine yourselves, whether you be in the faith. Prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves; how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates." Each message was an appeal to look at ourselves and see if we are really following Jesus' example.

In morning Bible Classes we did a study on our theme and we realised that we needed to know what the 'Faith' was in order to examine ourselves. We had a sheet of paper with some Bible teachings and had to find proof texts for each one. We also memorized the theme text, completed a quiz based on it and learnt about presenting clearly and loudly so everyone could hear.


10636885_10201741897989581_2624905331591969693_o.jpg885929_10201741741465668_2490860739458260047_o.jpgOn Sabbath we headed away to Oxford Church. We attended Sabbath School and participated in the service time. Esther-Shahn, Noah and Sarah took the children's story. We all sang an item for the church too. On the way to and from church we worked on a riddle that took lots of thinking. One vehicle load figured it out but the others didn't.

We returned to camp for lunch and after that we took a walk up the Blowhard Track which starts right at the campground. As we got higher the view got nicer and we also experienced some snow falling. There was also hail still laying on the ground like snow from a fall the night before so many of us made 'snow balls'. Azariah made a huge one and took it back to camp in a bag.



The activities were good fun and had practical application too. We had a sheet of different practical standards to complete. These were signed off as we completed the criteria for each one. It was lots of fun as every one was busy around the camp ground all doing various things like setting a formal table place, arranging flowers, making asparagus rolls, sewing buttons on, ironing shirts, memorising, following instructions, spelling correctly, cutting kindling wood, changing a car wheel, wrapping parcels, sawing, and hammering. Many young folk got to do things they had never done before.

Bible Smuggler was another game we first played on Sabbath afternoon. The meeting room was the 'base' and we sent one person out as a 'missionary'. They hid. We also had about three 'border patrols' they roamed around the camp ground looking for the missionary but also trying to catch the 'Christians' as they took 'bibles' from the base to the 'missionary'. If a 'Christian' was caught they would be asked a Bible question. If they got it right they carried on, if they got it wrong they had to go back to base where they could only get out if they answered another question right. We played this other times during the camp too.


As usual the food was good! We had three tasty and popular meals each day. This year we didn't do any special types of meals, but we all helped to prepare and wash up. Perhaps the highlight was Teresa's birthday when a special popcorn cake was made for her.


10668657_10201741649263363_7532779478789079032_o.jpgThis year we played Kick the Can again, but Cops and Robbers was the favourite game for the camp with it played a few times especially after dark. There were lots of laughs and stories to tell of almost getting caught and things 'discovered' in the dark. We also prepared for the children's story or worships that we all participated in during the camp. For a change, we never played Four on the Couch.

On Friday afternoon we had a hail storm come through which lasted quite a long time and dumped lots of hail on the ground. We had fun playing in it and making slushies with berry juice concentrate.

There were lots of other small challenges and activities. These times afforded excellent opportunities for talking to each other and the leaders about personal life. Best of all we renewed friendships and made new friends and memories that can be a blessing to us.

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