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About 24 people attended Youth Bible Camp 2013 at Hibburt Park, Spencerville. This is what they had to say:

"Praise God that Nathan and Reg have helped me to learn so much."

"I have learnt to work as a team in challenges."

Bible Classes
regteach.jpgNathan Mitchell and Reg Peterson, both from the top of the North Island were our main speakers this year.

Nathan took the Bible Classes in the mornings and had some interesting studies. He used the whiteboard to help illustrate things clearly. Reg took the evening meetings and always finished with an interesting video linked to a song.

bibleclass.jpgSome of the things we had learnt were: The importance of obedience and worship, of the Creator Who is the true God that can tell the future. We saw how He loves us and wants to be a personal God. He asks us to come and learn of him and then go and teach others. We looked at the big step that Christ took to come down to earth and die. We understood that we should only worship Him and not other people or things that try to take His position in our lives. We learnt about the 66 books in the Bible, with 39 in the Old Testament and 27 in the New. We also discovered some of the Bible's prophecies and looked at some interesting Christian history.


sabbathschool.jpgdoorknocking.jpgOn Sabbath we headed away to Ilam Church in Christchurch. Damon, Dawn, Beks, Caleb & Esther took a part in the preliminaries for Sabbath school and we all sang an item together. Then Nathan took a sabbath school lesson on the Sanctuary. We also sang a song in front of the whole church for the service time.

We had lunch at the lovely Ilam Gardens just down the road and in the afternoon we went door knocking offering a book about the 10 commandments to people in the community. We all came back with many stories to share of the people we met.


foodstash.jpgOn the first afternoon we did a Hunter-Gatherer activity. We walked down to a large area that included a lake, a car park, grass areas, and trees and bush. We were divided into three 'tribes'. We named them 'Tongans', 'Samoans' and 'Maoris'. Then we established villages in our tribal lands. When we were given instructions, we had to go and explore the whole designated area for food. First we had to find certain food items, and later we could get anything we could find. We had to bring them back to our stash and keep them safe from invaders. inwater.jpgEvery time the bell rang we came back to the carpark area which was the market where we traded our goods. Later Reg and Nathan would catch us and take any food we had in our hands. Once we had found all we could, Damon and Samantha took us to certain areas and told us what we could find there. There were even lemons floating in the lake which were a challenge to get.

After we returned to camp we had to make a meal from what we had found. All of the tribes decided to sign a peace treaty and combine all the food to work together to make one meal to share! There was a main, dessert and drinks!

During camp we also had time to work on our YBC13 Team Challenge which we started near the beginning of camp. It was based on a very similar challenge done at YBC07. Before we did the team challenge we all had to do an Individual Challenge which was a sheet of paper with instructions we had to follow. Most of us totally failed but we still had fun doing it - it was fascinating once you realised what you were really meant to do!

For the main Team Challenge, we were in groups of about 4. The team names were Bumble Bees, The Invincibles, Pears, Team Challenge, Cross Point and The Good Guys. Each team had a lot of small sheets of paper with different types of challenges. We had to work as a team and find each other's abilities to get these done. The activities included math, art, poetry, rebus puzzles, sudoku, helping others, finding hidden objects, cracking codes and making things.

By doing these challenges we discovered camp money and used this to buy building supplies. One of the interesting team challenge activities was Bridge it. We had popsicle sticks and glue and we had to make a bridge to certain criteria that could be very strong. Some teams almost didn't plan themselves well enough to get their bridges made in time. At the very end of camp we tested them by hanging a bucket from them and filling it with water till the bridge broke. The weakest bridge only took 3.286kg. Three were between 4-5kg. One managed 10.326kg but the strongest took 13.926k. None of them got anywhere near the previous record of 38kg from YBC07!

puzzle.jpgWhen we had completed three activity sheets in the team challenge we got a packet which we couldn't open, damage or loose. At the end of camp we opened these packages and in each one was a puzzle piece of a person. When we put them all together it was a picture of Jesus surrounded with people. The lesson here was that we worked together as small teams to get people and then as a big team we brought them together to Jesus. It was quite sobering when we realised that we hadn't worked hard enough to bring everyone to Jesus. We opened the remaining packages and completed the puzzle. Fortunately none of the pieces were missing, which means that each person who was won, had not been lost again, but we still hadn't won everyone and brought them to Jesus.

On Sunday we did an orienteering course in the morning. This gave us more clues for the team challenge and wore some of us out. After lunch we went to the adrenaline forest which is a nearby activity where we did courses on ropes and platforms in the trees. This was very challenging and lots of fun!



As usual the food was always good! Apart from the meal that the 'tribes' made, the rest of the food was prepared by Angela. Each evening we had a different themed meal where we learnt about some of the foods and meal traditions of different cultures. The first was Asian. We sat at low tables and had Asian decorations while we ate rice and veges with chopsticks. The second night was Pacific Island themed, that was our hunter-gatherer feast. The third night was Mexican, we had nachos and beans! For the Zimbabwean meal we ate a corn meal and stewed vegetables and had to eat with our fingers - it was tasty! The last night was Egyptian, we enjoyed a traditional dish which included rice and pasta!


relax.jpgBetween the main activities we played Four on the Couch — of course! We also enjoyed some walks; once to the animal park with lots of birds, rabbits, sheep, pigs and more. We also took a walk to the beach and sometimes just along the road. On the last night we played kick-the-can till late, this is becoming a bit of a camp tradition.

We did a lot of the team challenge activities in our spare time because part of the challenge was to manage our time well.

There were lots of other small challenges and activities. These times afforded excellent opportunities for talking to each other and the leaders or speakers about personal life challenges. Best of all we renewed friendships and made new friends and memories that can be a blessing to us.

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