Youth Bible Camp 06


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Are you planning on Coming Home?
About 32 people attended Youth Bible Camp '06 at Kawatau Outdoor Education Centre
near Mangaweka during late September. The theme emphasised the benefiets of the
family and how we need to come home to Jesus and be ready to come home to Heaven!

The camp was a great experience with an excellent bunch of campers! This is what some of them had to say:

"It was really fun!"

"Awesome Camp"


"I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge..."

"I enjoyed how everyone got on very well together as a group (boys and girls mixed) and the ages mixed really well."

"I really enjoyed the evening sermons! ... I was really blessed by them!"

And that's what Youth Bible Camp is all about! — growing closer to Jesus and each other while studying God's Word, learning practical skills, developing friendships for eternity, — oh! and having heaps of fun!

Bible Classes
Each morning for worship time Mr Paddison took an interesting series on the "Sanctuary Prayer". We looked at the items in the Sanctuary and what each one represents for us in our prayer life. We saw the Gates represent praise and thanksgiving, the Altar of Sacrifice represents confession and consecration, the Laver is the prayer for cleansing, the Candlestick is all about the Holy Spirit and the Table of Shewbread represents our spiritual food, the Altar of Incense shows the importance of prayers of intercession for other people. Each morning we put these ideas into practice during a prayer session.

After breakfast, Reg Peterson took a series of interesting meetings on a few Bible doctrines. We learnt about the State of the Dead, Tithe, The 10 Commandments, the Sabbath, and Health.

During the second part of the morning we worked in teams to make a timeline of people and events from creation to today. Its interesting to see who was alive when and what happened in what order!

For our evening session Reg Peterson took some really heart gripping meetings on the importance of honouring our parents and appreciating our homes and family. The real highlight was the last evening of camp when all the young folk were given a letter that their parents or some other respected person wrote to them telling them how much they loved them and appreciated them and also encouraging them to do what is right!

Sabbath is always an interesting and exciting day at YBC. This year we travelled about 20 minutes to the town of Taihape to go to church. There were 5 members and 32 campers there! We always like to be a blessing to the churches we attend and so we had some special items prepared and we sung some group songs too. Doug Hurley took a special mission report on his recent trip to Papua New Guinea. Then we had a lesson on 1844 and the Judgement. After Sabbath school Reg took an interesting sermon on the signs of the end and how we can be prepared to be ready to go home to Heaven.

After church, we had lunch in the sabbath school room and in the sun out on the lawn. Then we went round to Ruanui house, an elderly folks rest-home just up the hill from the church. We shared a selection of songs we had been practicing during the camp. Some campers formed special groups to do items as well as every one singing together. The old folks and even the nurses and cook all loved the presentation we did. Afterwards some of us talked to the elderly and one 95-year-old man had a go at playing his didgeridoos for us.

The activities at camp were good fun. The first afternoon we started off with two sticks, some string and some mouse traps. People had to lash the sticks together and make a fishing rod then try to hook the traps and get them back to them without them going off. After a few had a go at that, Damon wanted to try out a game called "Amazing Mobsters". Every one was a bit confused at first but after just a short while people clicked on to how it worked and it was the hit of the camp. We must of played it about 10 times or more and it was still fun! We also had a few goes of "Four on the Couch" - last year's most popular game.

The next morning between Bible classes, the Mitchells organised a game where we had two teams and had to get the ball out of a bucket on the other team's side, it was a bit like capture the flag and really needed team effort.

On Thursday afternoon we did solar studies. We found out how big the planets were and how far apart, then we made a scale model of the solar system where 1 metre = 1 million kilometres. The sun was 1.37m in diameter and the earth was only about 2.3cm. We made signs for each planet and then measured how far apart they should be. The sun was at the letter box and Pluto ended up almost 6kms back up the road. It was really amazing to discover that the nearest star would be right round the world plus about quarter of the way to Australia at the same scale!

Friday afternoon was great fun. We worked in three groups on different projects. One team had to make tea that night and to do that they set up a Subway outlet and prepared the food and signs. They did a really good job of it and every one really enjoyed the food!

Another group had to make a powerpoint presentation on any topic they chose. They did a really funny one called 60 Crickets and it was a news report on bugs. The presenter was Cassandfly Mozyborne and they interviewed other 'bug experts'. They also made the most of some Puri Moths that arrived one night and made it sound like a big invasion! The 'web' report was interesting too!

The other group planned the evening activities on Saturday night. They planned a few games and also a slot for the power point presentation to fit in. The pictionary was really funny and noisy. Of course there had to be a game or two of Amazing Mobsters that evening too!

Sunday morning we had an interesting challenge. We were given 28 photos of various objects and we had to find them in locations around the camp. Some people found them all but every one found most. Some were very hard to find unless you looked very hard.

Perhaps the most fun was Sunday afternoon. We went river rafting on the Rangitikei River. There were 6 of us in each raft and 5 rafts in total. There was lots of splashing and a few fell or jumped out into the water! After we got out and went back to camp we had a few games and then tea.

As usual at YBC the food was real good, but some meals were especially good! One night we had a BBQ and groups of campers each got one items ready for the burgers. Some sizzled nut meat, others did onion, or toasted the buns while others were cutting up tomato and capsicum or preparing lettuce and others were heating up pineapple rings. All together it was a delicious meal.

Another night we were given little cans with gel in them which we lit and tried to cook a stew we were making. Some groups got on really well after they decided to use two cookers. Some cheats gave up and went into the kitchen to use the stove. The stews tasted good any way!

Then there was the last night where we had a camp fire and were given a can of beans and some bread, we had to open the can and toast the bread to get our meal. We also roasted apple and patties in the fires. Some of the toast was black and the beans spilt, and of course there was lots of ash and dirt but the food was the best yet!

One of the best meals must have been the subway tea on friday. Team Subway did a good impersonation and the food tasted great, almost beats the real thing!

After the Mitchells' first organised game sparked off so much fun, campers started planning their own versions of the game between meetings and in the evenings. This was good excersice and wore every one out really well!

Each day we had our share of duties to do. These included preparing meals and washing up after. We also had a few walks up the road, these were good times to chat with new friends. Unlike last year, this time vodaphone uses had closer reception than telecom users, but for both they really had to get in the car and travel to get better service.

After evening worship each night we enjoyed a drink and short social time together before heading off to bed and lights out by 9:30. Most campers were pretty tired after a busy day so they were keen on going to bed. For some reason lots of people didn't sleep to well, they complained of snorers, wigglers, and coughers!

Throughout the camp, campers had the benefit of mixing with other Christian young people. They gained new friendships and learnt from each other's experiences. Prayerfully these friendships will go on into eternity and the lessons learnt will benefit their lives here and in the future!

Notes for Campers!
• Because the worships and Bible classes were more interactive this year, no meetings were recorded.

• We got the following note from the Mangaweka Adventure Company that took us rafting:

"I just wanted to say thanks... The kids were awesome and it seemed everyone really enjoyed themselves! If you need assistance with any other outdoor adventure, dont hesitate to give us a ring! With kind regards, Tricia Eames"

Tricia was the one driving the ute with the boats on the trailer.

• If you have any comments, questions or suggestions on the camp, contact us.