Youth Bible Camp 2005


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12 important things I learnt at YBC05

Girls belong in the kitchen — Guys just get in a flap!
Girls HATE their photo being taken, either that or they always look behind them to see what you are taking the photo of!
Sometimes its distressing to decide if having your photo taken or looking in the mirror is worse!
Being JUST tall enough is enough — JUST!
When you're sick, have charcoal - it puts a smile on your face!
No-More-Gaps is fun to play with but hard to get off your skin!
Some people are ALWAYS looking the wrong way!
Two is company but three is a crowd, (especially in hugs).
The fire is a great place for cozy evening talks!
Don't just drop in — you'll find yourself holding things up!
 Some people work well as a group...
...others DON'T!