Camp Code

Note: The Camp Code may change from time to time, so please be sure to read the Camp Code before applying each year.

At YBC you will experience the spiritual blessings that result from including high standards in the camp programme. Camp codes similar to this have successfully been used at other youth camps in New Zealand and other countries as well. They are based on principles from the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy. For the unity and well-being of the camp, we ask that you bring an open mind with a willingness to happily pattern the camp codes.

Food and Snacks

Since all food is supplied, campers are requested to not have any snack or food items. Any food items such as special diets may be stored in the camp kitchen and the staff will help you.


The spirit of competition is discouraged during the camp.

Social Relations

YBC is a great place to meet other young people and the camp encourages friendly interaction among all campers. However, favouring, intense and/or romantic relationships between campers can easily become a distraction.

Dress codes

We recommend sturdy and practical clothing at camp since we will be doing a variety of activities. Dress for being practical and neat!

Girls: Sturdy modest clothing. No tight fitting or revealing clothes. No midriffs, crop tops, low necklines or sleeveless tops. Please avoid ungodly words or pictures on clothing.

Boys: Sturdy modest clothing. No tight fitting or revealing clothes. No tank tops, sleeveless tops, or low riding pants. Please avoid ungodly words or pictures on clothing.

Make sure you bring some good dress clothes for Sabbath and any other times we might need to dress up smart.

For water activities bring shorts and T-shirts (over a swimsuit, if desired).

What to bring

Bible and accessories; pillow; sleeping bag and a blanket; toiletries; warm clothing; rough clothing, good clothing, clothing suitable for water activities; rain jacket, sturdy footwear; musical instruments; insect repellant; any medication you may need.

What not to bring

Drugs, tobacco, alcohol, weapons, valuable items such as: jewellery, electronics, media players, large amounts of money. Also food or snacks, electronic or card games, cosmetics, secular reading material, or anything else that may be lost or would detract from the goals and atmosphere of a christian camp.


Although there is often no reception at the camp sites we use, do bring your cellphone - its a great way of keeping in touch to arrange transport and getting to or from YBC, also for communication if we are offsite. We are happy for you to keep in touch with your family while at YBC but please do not use your phone to call or text during any meetings or activities where it becomes a distraction. You will generally find it best to leave your phone in your bag. The phone must not be used as any of the items in the 'What not to bring' section above.

If your phone, or any other item becomes a distraction or is used inappropriately it may be taken from you and cared for by camp staff. 

More importantly than rigidly following any external standard is having a heart to following God in every detail of life. This is the kind of person God can use and perform real heart work in their lives.

By applying to attend YBC you are agreeing to abide by this camp code. If you have any questions regarding the camp code please contact us before applying.