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This ninth convention was a blessing to those that attended, young and old alike.

We are grateful for the speakers and those involved in the organising in both Australia and New Zealand who put their effort in to make this convention such a blessing to those that attended.



Maurice Berry - USA

Pastor Berry was born in Detroit MI, and comes from a line of Baptist preachers. His conversion came at the age of 19, when he was invited to a Daniel and Revelation Seminar. He resigned from his supervisor job at General Motors in order to serve God as a Literature Evangelist. He next entered the Ministry and later the Lord directed him to be involved in publishing. As his time in that field of labour was coming to a close, the Lord was opening the door for him to work with his own ministry while serving as a pastor in Miami Florida.


Dwight Hall - USA

Remnant Publications. Dwight was a troubled youth and was expelled from several private schools. Wanting to be part of something special, Dwight joined the Army’s elite Special Forces unit. He also started his first business while in his early twenties and he was living what many would call the “good life.” But there was still something missing in his life. He didn’t find the heart-fulfilling purpose he so earnestly desired until what he calls his “wilderness experience.” Today, Dwight shares his faith through the ministry of Remnant Publications. Since 1985, Remnant has printed and distributed millions of books and literature with the sole purpose of leading people closer to Christ.

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Below is a listing of messages presented at the 2014 convention. Or click on the image to the right to view a PDF version. Messages are available on CD, MP3 discs or flash drive.

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DVDs are also available.

First Angel’s Message - Maurice Berry
B901    (Friday 9.00am)

USA & Ecumenical Unity - Maurice Berry
B902    (Friday 7.15pm)

Hold the Winds - Rough Wind, East Wind - Maurice Berry
B903    (Sabbath 11.00am)

Overthrown in the Glorious Land - Maurice Berry
B904    (Sabbath 4.00pm)

Many Shall Be Overthrown at Sunrise - Maurice Berry
B905     (Sunday 2.00pm)

Why Many are Offended - Maurice Berry
B906    (Sunday 7.15pm)                         

When Michael Stands Up - Maurice Berry
B907    (Monday 9.00am)

Mercy, Justice and Empowerment - Dwight Hall
B908    (Thursday 7.15pm)

Buried Treasure - Dwight Hall
B909     (Friday 11.00am)

As in the Days of Sodom - Dwight Hall
B910     (Friday 4.00pm)

My Pharisee Experience - Dwight Hall
B911    (Sabbath 9.30am)

Faith is the Victory - Dwight Hall
B912    (Sabbath 7.15pm)

God's System Works - Dwight Hall
B913     (Sunday 11.00am)

6666 - Dwight Hall
B914     (Sunday 4.00pm)
Heartbleed - Emmanuel Higgins
B915    (Friday 6.45am)

To Live by Faith - Emmanuel Higgins
B916     (Sunday 9.00am)

Revelation 14 and Health - David Bird
B917    Part 1  (Friday 2.00pm)
B918    Part 2  (Sunday 6.45am)

Living in the Last Days - Roger Kerr
B919    (Sabbath 6:45am)

Righteousness Cannot Burn - Doug Hurley
B920     (Sabbath 2.00pm)

Seek Those Things Above - Shane Cowan
B921     (Monday 6.45am)