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This eighth convention, held at the Yarrabah Convention Centre, was another time of spiritual challenge and encouragement

We are grateful for the speakers and those involved in the organising in both Australia and New Zealand who put their effort in to make this convention such a blessing to those that attended.


Mike Bauler

Mike Bauler - USA

Mike's goals are to help give the gospel with an emphasis in helping his Bible students discover the truths in Bible prophecy. He is also committed to seeing the gospel message going around the world and he has made recent trips to conduct prophecy seminars in Togo, West Africa and Costa Rica. Pastor Mike longs to see more workers active in sharing the gospel. To help meet this need he conducts Bible worker training seminars as well as speaking at churches across the country.

Tom & Alane Waters

Tom & Alane Waters - USA

Restoration International. Tom and Alane Waters are cofounders of Restoration International, which is based in Eureka, MT, and are dedicated to restoring the personal union of the individual, marriage, and family to Christ through real-life application of the power of the gospel. The ministry serves others through Family Campmeetings, seminars on personal Christianity, marriage and parenting, as well as personalized retreats and individual counselling. Tom and Alane are hosts of "Marriage in God's Hands" on 3ABN.

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DVDs are also available.

Underfoot - Mike Bauler
B801 (Friday 6:45am)

'Questions On Doctrine' - Christ's Church Under Attack - Mike Bauler
B802 (Friday 11:00am)

The Alpha and Omega - Mike Bauler
B803 Part 1 (Friday 7:15pm)
B804 Part 2 (Sabbath 9:30am)
B805 Part 3 (Sabbath 4:00pm)

The Quiet Place - The Final Deception - Mike Bauler
B806 (Sunday 11:00am)

The 2520 Deception - Mike Bauler
B807 (Sunday 7:15pm)

666 - The Number of The Beast - Mike Bauler
B808 (Monday 9:00am)

How We Become Real Living Christians On A Day to Day Basis - Tom Waters
B809 (Thursday 7:15pm)

Parenting With a Purpose - Tom & Alane Waters
B810 (Friday 9:00am)

God's Forgotten Medicine - Alane Waters
B811 (Friday 2:00pm)

Marriage - How We Can Have The Best We Can Have - Tom & Alane Waters
B812 (Friday 4:00pm)

Spiritually Special Sabbaths - Tom & Alane Waters
B813 (Sabbath 6:45am)

The God That Makes No Mistakes - Tom Waters
B814(Sabbath 11:00am)

Creation's Crown - Tom & Alane Waters
B815 (Sabbath 2:00pm)

Cherish One Another - Tom & Alane Waters
B816 (Sabbath 7:15pm)

Our Greatest Battle - Tom Waters
B817 (Sunday 6:45am)

ABC's of Parenting - Tom & Alane Waters
B818 (Sunday 9:00am)

Money Matters - Tom & Alane Waters
B819 (Sunday 2:00pm)

The Role of Wives - Alane Waters
B820 (Sunday 4:00pm)

God's Continual Recalculating of our Lives - Tom & Alane Waters
B821 (Monday 6:45am)