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This seventh convention, held back at the Yarrabah Conventions Centre, was another time of spiritual challenge and encouragement

We are grateful for the speakers and those involved in the organising in both Australia and New Zealand who put their effort in to make this convention so successful and spiritually challenging to those that attend.



Daniel & Silvia Pel - Norway

The Pels from Norway run Living Water, a Christian ministry dedicated to proclaim the wonderful news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. During YFBC Daniel shared messages on the transforming power of God's Word in our lives. Silvia had topics relating to the broken mind, the army within and Biblical and scientific nutrition.


Rob McClintock - USA

Dr. McClintock is an internationally recognized authority in the Science of Immune Health Management. He is a Naturopathic doctor by vocation, but a teacher and missionary at heart. His healthcare ministry is called “Healing Leaves” which he operates near his home in Rice, Washington. A majority of his work is done through this passionate non-profit ministry.

Roger Kerr - New South Wales

Justin Epps - New South Wales

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The Unknown God - Daniel Pel
The philosophical world of Athens has much in common with our world today. Paul's speech about 2000 years ago is more relevant than ever. 
B701 (Thursday 7.15pm)

The Search for Truth - Daniel Pel
Eye-opening stories reveal that truth is often closer than we think.
B702 (Friday 11.00am)

The Testimony of Jesus - Daniel Pel
Join on a journey of discovery in the world of the Biblical prophets portraying the character of Jesus Christ. 
B703 (Friday 4.00pm)

Finishing the Race - Daniel Pel
A Biblical study that challenges each one to not only run the race of faith but to complete it. 
B704 (Sabbath 11.00am)

Another Image - Daniel Pel
Discover the impact of true and false worship throughout time.
B705 (Sabbath 7.15pm)

The One-eyed King - Daniel Pel
The famous saying goes: In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king. How does this saying fit into the Christian world today?
B706 (Sunday 11.00am)

A Blue Marker and the Next Chapter - Daniel Pel
Moving forward in our spiritual lives may involve a marked moment. Discover the secret to change your course. 
B707 (Sunday 4.00pm)

The Living Word - Daniel Pel
The Word of God is to be more than a theory. It invites us into an experience.
B708 (Monday 9:00am) 

An Army Within - Silvia Pel
The foundation for vibrant health is a healthy immune system. Discover keys to strengthen the army within, and the spiritual lessons we can draw to better understand the great cosmic battle. 
B709 (Friday 6.45am)

Nutrition, part 1 - Silvia Pel
Our Creator has a care for all aspects of life. This presentation takes you on a journey through the pages of inspiration, exploring the topic of nutrition. 
B710 (Friday 2.00pm)

Nutrition, part 2 - Silvia Pel
True science will always correspond with divine revelation. This presentation explores the topic of nutrition from modern research, and encourages us to treasure the light God has given us.
B711 (Sunday 2.00pm)

Healing the Broken Mind - Silvia Pel
Depression and mental illnesses are on the rise. Discover the close connection between your dietary / lifestyle habits and mental health.
B712 (Sabbath 2.00pm) 

Osteoporosis - Live Without It - Rob McClintock
This presentation discusses the topic of health through looking at how to maintain and strengthen our skeletal structure. Also talks specifically about osteoporosis and how to prevent it and addresses concerns on dealing with it.
B713 (Friday 9.00am)

Seeking the Lost - Rob McClintock
There are many people who are looking for the way, but the challenge is not only avoiding being ‘lost’ ourselves but to seek others that are.
B714 (Friday 7.15pm)

The Platform of Truth - Rob McClintock
We have a platform on which to build our faith. This presentation examines this foundation.
B715 (Sabbath 9.30am)

Power and Victory - Rob McClintock
We often discover the truth that of ourselves we ‘can do nothing’ but the power of God leads to sure victory.
B716 (Sabbath 4.00pm)

The Human Immune System - Rob McClintock
This enlightening and detailed presentation helps the hearer to more fully understand our body’s natural defense and how to strengthen it.
B717 (Sunday 9.00am)

Vaccination - Rob McClintock
Rob discusses this often controversial topic and presents some valuable information to consider. A good presentation for anyone wanting to broaden their understanding of this topic.
B718 (Sunday 7.15pm)

Medical Missionary Work / Questions and Answers - Rob McClintock
The health message is the right arm of the gospel. This talk examines how we can use it effectively as a tool to share with others.
B719 (Monday 6.45am)