Report / Recordings

This fifth convention was a blessing to those that attended, young and old alike.

We are grateful for the speakers and those involved in the organising in both Australia and New Zealand who put their effort in to make this convention so successful and challenging.


Thomas & LaVerne Jackson - USA
Thomas and his wife LaVerne of M.E.E.T. Ministry, USA. M.E.E.T. (Missionary Education and Evangelistic Training) is multi-faceted and includes a Life-Style Center, a Gospel Medical Missionary Training School, a Publishing Ministry, an Organic Farm, Herbal Industry and conducts seminars all over the world.
See www.meetministry.org for much more information.
Pr Tom Turner - Australia 
Pr Tom has ministered to many in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand over the years. He presents practical messages to help all age groups. He is now retired but we are pleased to have him speak at the 2010 Bible Convention.
Derrol Sawyer
Derrol Sawyer - USA
Moses Song Ministry, USA.
Derrol desires to share music which will encourage and uplift God's people. Derrol and his family have produced several inspiring sacred music CD's. He is returning to visit this year to share messages with both the adults and the youth.

See www.mosessong.org for more information.

Recordings of messages recorded during the Youth and Family Bible Convention 2010 are in CD Audio or MP3 format. Contact us for pricing and postage.

If you wish to order CDs, contact us with your name, address and quantity of each message you require, or mail to us at: Autumn Leaves (NZ) Ltd, PO Box 654, Rangiora 7440, New Zealand.

Wilt Thou Be Made Whole? - Thomas Jackson
B501 (Thursday 7.15pm)

The Best Defence Against Swine Flu - Thomas Jackson
B502 (Friday 2.00pm)

The Pool of Bethesda - Thomas Jackson
B503 (Sabbath 11.00am)

The Eight Doctors that Make House Calls - Thomas Jackson
B504 (Sabbath 7.15pm)

God's Farmacy - Thomas Jackson
B505 (Sunday 2.00pm)

Diet and the Day of Atonement - Thomas Jackson
B506 (Monday 9.00am)

Basic Health - LaVerne Jackson
B507 (Friday 4.00pm)

Spiritual Cravings - LaVerne Jackson
B508 (Sabbath 6.45am)

Vegan Diet - LaVerne Jackson
B509 (Sunday 4.00pm)

No Guile - Doug Hurley
B510 (Sabbath 9.30pm)

Light of the World - Doug Hurley
B511 (Sunday 9.00am)

The Holy Spirit - Pr Tom Turner
B512 (Friday 9.00am)

Sanctification - Pr Tom Turner
B513 (Friday 7.15pm)

The Grandeur of God - Pr Tom Turner
B514 (Sabbath 4.00pm)

Jesus: Wonder Man of the Ages - Pr Tom Turner
B515 (Sunday 6.45am)

Apostolic Succession and Papal Infallibility - Pr Tom Turner
B516 (Sunday 7.15pm)

Wilt Thou Be Made Whole? - Derrol Sawyer
B517 (Friday 11.00am)

The Blessings of Trials - Derrol Sawyer
B518 (Sabbath 2.00pm)

Mine Eyes Have Seen The King - Derrol Sawyer
B519 (Sunday 11.00am)

Stephen, My Hero - Derrol Sawyer
B520 (Monday 6.45pm)

A Crude Awakening - Damon Hurley
B521 (Friday 6.45am)

MP3 Disc - All Camp Presentations
All the camp presentations on one MP3 disc.