Report / Recordings

This fourth convention was perhaps the most appreciated so far. Numbers of people staying onsite was up a little on the previous year.

The youth program was developed a little more and the fellowship and friendships were strengthened. Some organised social activities and a youth panel discussion time were also added.

We are grateful for the speakers and those involved in the organising in both Australia and New Zealand who put their effort in to make this convention so successful and challenging.


Hal Mayer - USA
Keep the Faith Ministry, USA. Pr Mayer, a founder of Hartland Institute, has taken over the role of Elder Lawrence Nelson of Keep the Faith audio ministry. For more than 20 years, Pastor Mayer has been an active, inspiring and effective speaker for churches, youth groups, academic classrooms, music festivals and home-school meetings. See www.ktfministry.org
Reg Peterson - New Zealand
Reg has experience in front-line evangelism as well as admonition for believers. He is able to use his varied life experiences and other illustrations to help bring the gospel to life and make it easier to understand. He is currently living at the very north of New Zealand with his wife Rachel and daughter Azariah.
Tony Rykers
Tony Rykers - Australia
Cornerstone Ministries. Tony is devoted to the spreading of the message of salvation through Jesus Christ and the news of His soon return. He is part of a dynamic, faith–based ministry that endeavors to make a positive impact in the lives of people and to build lives and families on lasting values. Tony and his family live in Victoria, Australia.
Derrol Sawyer - USA
Moses Song Ministry, USA. Derrol desires to share music which will encourage and uplift God's people. Derrol and his family have produced several inspiring sacred music CD's. See www.mosessong.org for more information.

Below is a listing of messages recorded during the Youth and Family Bible Convention 2009. All topics are available in CD Audio or MP3 format, one message per CD, or two MP3 discs containing all meetings. Contact us for pricing and postage.

If you wish to order CDs, contact us with your name, address and quantity of each message you require, or mail to us at: Autumn Leaves (NZ) Ltd, PO Box 654, Rangiora 7440, New Zealand.

Matthew 24 and the Signs of the Times - Hal Mayer
The end times prophecies are fulfilling now.
B401 (Thursday 7.15pm)

Consolidating the Economy - Hal Mayer
How the rich men of the world are trying to ‘fix’ the economy.
B402 (Friday 9.00am)

History of Religious Liberty - Hal Mayer
How God has prepared for the Adventist message all through history to get us to where we are now.
B403 (Friday 4.00pm)

Black Saturday: Warnings from Victoria's Savage Fires - Hal Mayer
Tells the stories of Victoria’s bush fires and reveals the fulfilling signs of God’s deliverance.
B404 (Sabbath 11.00am)

Rome Wraps Her Arms Around Obama - Hal Mayer
How Rome is working behind the scenes to manipulate politics through the people she has placed in strategic places.
B405 (Sabbath 7.15pm)

The Prophetic Mindset - Hal Mayer
How to develop a prophetic mindset and learn to see how prophecy is fulfilling in our time.
B406 (Sunday 9.00am)

History of the U.S. Constitution - Hal Mayer
How the constitution came about to protect the new world colonies and provide religious freedom.
B407 (Sunday 4.00pm)

Five Smooth Stones - Hal Mayer
A self supporting mind tackles the giants and has a vision of working for the future.
B408 (Monday 6.45am)

What is Man? - Tony Rykers
Man thinks he is so big, but in the universe he is so small.
B409 (Friday 11.00am)

The Cave - Tony Rykers
The cave represents the trials we all have in our life. This is the story of King David when he was fleeing from Saul.
B410 (Friday 7.15pm)

Is It Not a Little One? - Tony Rykers
Falling away doesn’t come overnight, it happens little by little.
B411 (Sabbath 9.30am)

Bowing to Babylon - Tony Rykers
The issue of forced worship comparing between Daniel’s day and what will happen in our day.
B412 (Sunday 11.00am)

The Joy of the Lord - Tony Rykers
Don’t be a long faced Christian. Live your faith and witness in a positive way.
B413 (Monday 9.00am)

Moral Purity in a World of Confusion - Sawyers
We need to keep ourselves pure here on earth if we are going to make it to Heaven.
B414 (Sabbath 6.45am)

Exercising Our Faith - Sawyers
Our bodies require physical as well as spiritual exercise.
B415 (Sunday 2.00pm)

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is - Reg Peterson
Don’t only profess your faith, go out and make it happen. 
B416 (Friday 2.00pm)

Where Will You Be Found? - Reg Peterson
When all is said and done, will you be right with God? Are you following without thinking of the consequences?
B417 (Sabbath 2.00pm)

The Final Call - Reg Peterson
We are called to take the three angels messages to a dying world.
B418 (Sunday 7.15pm)

High Time to Awake - Roger Kerr
No time to sleep as we face this last crisis.
B419 (Friday 6.45am)

The Power of Association - Doug Hurley
By beholding we become changed, insidiously, slowly, to the likeness of our associates.
B420 (Sunday 6.45am)

MP3 Disc - Hal Mayer
All Hal Mayer’s messages from the convention on 1 disc in MP3 format. 

MP3 Disc - Tony Rykers, Reg Peterson, Sawyers and other speakers
All other speakers’ messages on 1 disc in MP3 format.