Report / Recordings

This third convention was also very powerful. Daniel and Silvia Pel returned for a second year and were well received.

A dedicated youth program was run and was very successful. This developed a more personal approach with smaller groups.

We are grateful for the speakers and those involved in the organising in both Australia and New Zealand who put their effort in to make this convention so successful and spiritual.

Below is a listing of messages recorded during the Youth and Family Bible Convention 2008. All topics are available in CD Audio or MP3 format, one message per CD, or one MP3 disk containing all meetings. Contact us for pricing and postage.

If you wish to order CDs, contact us with your name, address and quantity of each message you require, or mail to us at: Autumn Leaves (NZ) Ltd, PO Box 654, Rangiora 7440, New Zealand.

Radical Realities - Daniel Pel
This message reveals how we can remain focused in the midst of an often unseen battle taking place around us 
B301 (Thursday 7.15 pm)

How to Reach a Greek - Daniel Pel
The Greek world has left it's footprints in our western society. This message shows how we can share the gospel with secular minded people around us. 
B302 (Friday 9.00pm)

The Search for Stars - Daniel Pel
As we take a closer look at the big picture of the great controversy we find out our role and purpose in it all. 
B303 (Friday 7.50pm)

A Matter of Choice - Daniel Pel
Many try to live the life of Christ without dying the death of Christ. This study shows the steps that are essential to experience Christ in our lives.
B304 (Sabbath 11.00pm)

The Seven Feasts - Daniel Pel
An overview of the ancient Jewish feasts provide us with a powerful prophecy leading from the death of Jesus all the way into eternity. 
B305 (Sabbath 7.15pm)

The Two Witnesses - Daniel Pel
A close study of the events which transpired on the mount of transfiguration inspire us to have a mountaintop experience with Jesus. 
B306 (Sunday 9.00am)

In His Likeness - Daniel Pel
Are we being formed in the image of God or are we making God in our image? This study looks at the danger of modern idol worship and how it so easily impacts our thinking. 
B307 (Sunday 7.25pm)

Abiding in Him - Daniel Pel
Through various examples in Scripture this study brings to light what it actually means to abide with Jesus and how to experience His presence in our lives. 
B308 (Monday 9.00am)

Will Christ be Revealed? - Derrol & Cindy Sawyer
Christ will be revealed in us as we respond to the trials and temptations that come upon us and stay calm and have absolute peace when we trust in God.
B309 (Friday 6.45am)

The Message of the Music Series - Derrol & Cindy Sawyer
This five part series brings out the principles and clarifies many issues in regards to the type of music we should and should not listen to.

Part 1 - Music & Worship
Differentiates between good and unwise music choices.
B310 (Friday 2.00pm)

Part 2 - Music’s Roll in Character Building
Introduction to music. Is it influential or amoral?
B311 (Friday 3.15pm)

Part 3 - Teaching Standards & Developing Convictions
Choosing the best methods to teach our children best principles
B312 (Sabbath 2.00pm)

Part 4 - Where Do We Draw the Line
Melody, harmony and rhythm studied in detail.
B313 (Sunday 2.00pm)

Part 5 - Anything Goes?
Taste verses principle
B314 (Sunday 4.00pm)

Hiding God’s Word in Your Heart - Derrol & Cindy Sawyer
We need to spend time with the Lord and practice listening to hear His voice when He talks to us so that we can grow in faith and be ready to always give an answer for the hope that is in us.
B315 (Monday 6.45am)

When the Going gets Tough, the Tough get Going - Farai Manjengwa
For a movement to be effective, it must be moving. This is a study of how Abraham left his father’s home and how it relates to us today.
B316 (Friday 11.00am)

Why Did John Cry? - Farai Manjengwa
John cried because none was found worthy to open the sealed book in Revelation 5. Are we worthy to be workers of God? 
B317 (Sabbath 9.30am)

Dry Bones - Farai Manjengwa
A study of the significance of the dry bones in Ezekiel 37. Are we living in the valley of death or on the mountain of the Lord?
B318 (Sunday 6.45am)

The Pattern - Farai Manjengwa
We have a sure word of prophecy in the Spirit of Prophecy. This study shows how the Spirit of Prophecy was raised up in the same way and in the same time frame as other prophets in the Bible when they were given a message for God’s people.
B319 (Sunday 11.00am)

Looking Back With Joy - Nathan Mitchell
The story of Paul’s journey spreading the gospel and the absolute joy it brought him as he wholeheartedly served the Lord even through all the trials he had. 
B320 (Sabbath 6.45am)

MP3 Disk - YFBC 08
B301-320 All messages from the Youth and Family Bible Convention 2008 on a single disc in MP3 format.