Report / Recordings

This second convention followed in the footsteps of the previous one and provided a great experience and fellowship with excellent messages.

The meetings on Bible doctrine and aspects of family life were well received and those attending were uplifted in their spiritual walk.

We are grateful for the speakers and those involved in the organising in both Australia and New Zealand who put their effort in to make this convention so successful and spiritual.

Below is a listing of messages recorded during the Youth and Family Bible Convention 2007. All topics are available in CD Audio or MP3 format, one message per CD, or one MP3 disk containing all meetings. Contact us for pricing and postage.

If you wish to order CDs, contact us with your name, address and quantity of each message you require, or mail to us at: Autumn Leaves (NZ) Ltd, PO Box 654, Rangiora 7440, New Zealand.

Parables of Power - Daniel Pel 
Precious Truth for the Present Time: An inspiring series looking at four parables and their message for us today.
B201 Part 1 - The Faithful and Wise Servant (Thursday 7:30pm) 
B202 Part 2 - New Wine in Old Bottles (Friday 9:00am)
B203 Part 3 - The Dishonest Steward (Sunday 9.00am) 
B204 Part 4 - The Fig Tree and the Rest of the Story (Monday 6.45am)

Workshop - Daniel Pel 
Practical training in evangelism and sharing what you believe with others. Theory, practical tips, 
and examples.
B205 Part 1 - How to Study the Bible (Friday 2:00pm) 
B206 Part 2 - How to Prepare and Give Bible Studies (Friday 3:00pm) 
B207 Part 3 - How to Prepare a Public Message (Sunday 2:00pm) 
B208 Part 4 - Qualifications of an 11th Hour Worker (Sunday 3:00pm)

The Final Hour - Daniel Pel 
A look at Revelation 17:12 and a study of the time in which we live.
B209 (Sabbath 11.00pm)

Discerning the Voice of God - Daniel Pel
Do you know the voice of God in such a way that you know He is speaking?
B210 (Sabbath 7.30pm)

MP3 Disk - Daniel Pel
B201-10 All Daniel Pel’s messages in MP3 format on one disk

Workshop 1 - Jeff Reich 
A series of presentations on Christian work and how to practically put it into our daily lives.
B211 Part 1 - The Layity & Clergy in Early SDA History (Friday 2:00pm)
B212 Part 2 - Ministry, What is it Really? (Friday 3:00pm)

Workshop 2 - Jeff Reich 
A series on the family with the aim to give greater understanding in marriage.
B213 Part 1 - Decoding the Communication Problem (Sunday 11:00am)
B214 Part 2 - Decoding the Female Mind (Sunday 2:00pm) 
B215 Part 3 - Decoding the Male Mind (Friday 3:00pm)

Mission Experiences - Jeff Reich 
Jeff shares amazing personal testimonies of Divine leading in eastern Europe.
B216 Part 1 - Romania (Friday 7:30pm)
B217 Part 2 - Bulgaria and Albania (Sunday 7:30pm)

Can’t See the Trees for the Forest? - Jeff Reich 
Do we see the needs of individual people and reach out to them?
B218 (Sabbath 9:30am)

No Fear! - Jeff Reich 
God can help us overcome our fears and give us holy boldness to proclaim the truth for this time.
B219 (Sabbath 2:00pm)

Experiencing God - Jeff Reich 
The need for a personal relationship and experience with Christ.
B220 (Sabbath 2:00pm)

MP3 Disk - Jeff Reich 
B211-20 All Jeff Reich’s messages in MP3 format on one disk

Come Out of Her My People - Doug Hurley
The dangers of being on the side of Babylon.
B221 (Friday 11.00am)

Suicide Seventh-day Adventist Style - Reg Peterson 
The importance of living up to the knowledge we have and not turning away from it.
B222 (Friday 6.45am)

Mission Report - PNG and Pacific Islands - John Wolff 
John shares the progress and stories of the work especially in Papua New Guinea.
B223 (Sabbath 6.45am)

How Can We Live the Gospel? - Nathan Mitchell 
Nathan takes a practical approach to experiencing the Gospel in our own lives.
B224 (Sunday 6.45am)

MP3 Disk - HPWM
B221-24 Messages from D Hurley, R Peterson, J Wolf & N Mitchell in MP3 format on one disk.