Report / Recordings

This was the first Youth and Family Bible Convention. The response was overwhelming with Sabbath attendance exceeding 200 people, including many young people.

The meetings were extremely well presented and many went from the convention uplifted in their spiritual walk.

We are grateful for the speakers and those involved in the organising in both Australia and New Zealand who put a mammoth effort in to make this convention so successful and spiritual.

Due to the excellent response that this convention met, plans were put in place for another convention in 2007.

Below is a listing of messages recorded during the Youth and Family Bible Convention 2006. All topics are available in CD Audio or MP3 format, one message per CD, or one MP3 disk containing all meetings. Contact us for pricing and postage.

If you wish to order CDs, contact us with your name, address and quantity of each message you require, or mail to us at: Autumn Leaves (NZ) Ltd, PO Box 654, Rangiora 7440, New Zealand.

Matthew 24&25 - Peter Gregory
A series looking at the three main sections of Matthew 24&25 and a deeper look at four important parables.
B101 Part 1 - The Temple and the End of the World (Thursday 7:30pm)
B102 Part 2 - First of the Parables (Friday 7:30pm)
B103 Part 3 - More on the Parables (Sabbath 7.30pm)
B104 Part 4 - Isaiah 58 and the Fourth Parable (Sunday 7.30pm)

The Sermon on the Mount - Peter Gregory
A deeper look at the beatitudes and other passages.
B105 (Sabbath 11.00am)

Three Longings of Every Soul - Peter Gregory
A study of Eden — Life, light and open communication.
B106 (Monday 9.00am)

The Foundations of Australia’s Heritage - Doug Hurley
The Protestant base that made Australia great.
B107 (Friday 9.00am)

The Power to Change - Doug Hurley
An understanding of power, especially the ultimate power to change lives.
B108 (Sabbath 9.30am)

Instrument of Salvation - Doug Hurley
Basics of the Sanctuary.
B109 (Sunday 9.00am)

Quality of Character - Reg Peterson
Relates the sudden death of a billionaire and looks at what is really important.
B110 (Friday 6.45am)

Two Kinds of Fear - Yip Kok Tho
The fear of man and the fear of God. Perfect love casts out fear.
B111 (Friday 11.00am)

Signs of Jesus Coming - Barry Harker
A look at Matthew 24:6-14.
B112 (Sabbath 6.45am)

Will You Drink of the Cup? - Nathan Mitchell
Paralleling the experience of Christ to us in the last days.
B113 (Sunday 6.45am)

The Greater and Lesser Light - Warwick Hill
A look at the important role of the Spirit of Prophecy.
B114 (Sunday 11.00am)

Mission Experiences - John Wolff
How God is working in the missions fields of the Pacific Islands.
B115 (Monday 6.45am)