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YFBC 13 - Mission: Home & Abroad

YFBC 12 - The Living Word

YFBC 11 - That I May Know Him

YFBC 10 - Wilt Thou Be Made Whole?

YFBC 09 - Awake, Awake!

YFBC 08 - Heroes of the Cross

YFBC 07 - From Home to the World

YFBC 06 - Ready to Honour


There is a need for more individuals, especially the young, to take the batten and go forward with the great commission. Opportunity must be given to provide these people with a sense of God's call and a deeper understanding of His Word in order to equip them to share Christ in their homes and places of work. Opportunity for each person to open their Bible and gain knowledge, vision, motivation, and fellowship. In an effort to aid the young, their families and acquaintances also must share in the experience!


24 - 28 March, 2016
WEC Yarabah Conference Centre
Morisset, NSW, Australia

MikeAvaylon.jpgMike Avaylon - USA
Mike is speaker and director of Light of Prophecy International and has worked as a lay pastor since 1998 and served in Sacramento Central SDA Church for ten years. He uses the written word, media, music and public evangelism. He has preached in the USA, Italy, Turkey, Armenia, India and the Philippines and has produced about 80 programs for the Hope Channel in Asia.



jonathanbennett.jpgJonathan Bennett - UK
Jonathan established Advent Books in 1996 in order to take the truth to the people in the United Kingdom and also around the world. Advent Books is an organization dedicated to sharing the truth, through the Great Controversy book and other gospel material. Jonathan believes it is important to actively evangelize and let people know of the Gospel message which we are taught to do in Matthew 28:19-20